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Finding IP address on MAC/Apple Computer, Locating IP address, IP search, IP Finder for MAC.

Finding IP address on MAC/Apple Computer, Locating IP address, IP search, IP Finder for MAC.

Finding IP address on MAC/Apple Computer, Locating IP address, IP search, IP Finder for MAC.

Nov 03 2020 | General Streaming Information

How to find an IP Address on a Mac/Apple Computer

How to locate an IP address in case you are using a MAC/Apple computer instead of a PC Computer to locate NVS-Series or NVD-Series NVS-20,NVS-25,NVS-31,NVS-33,NVS-40 NVD-20,NVD-25,NVD-30,NVD-35

There's multiple ways to find the IP address for your units these are the easier methods. 

1. You can use the Tool Angry IP Scanner


2. LanScan on the Apple APP Store (Basic Version is free) 

Then there's another method with more steps to find it and that is logging into your router and locating the IP Address through your Devices MAC Address. 

1. Have both your Computer and Unit connected to the same network(router). 
2. Find the IP address of your Router to be able to log Into it. 
   -If you have never logged into your router most likely it is still set the default Ip address and as well as the default user name and password. 
  -If someone else set up the router for you or you forgotten your username and password, please reset your router back to factory default. (Depending on your router, most of them have a little button that is either red or blue that you have to press to reset it. 

Warning: Don't reset Router unless you are certain no other unit will be affected in your network. 

3. Most common IP address for routers are listed below and follow the links to see how to connect to your router. (these are links to Wikihow as they have good tutorials and images on how to connect to your router).

  -Linksys Router:           
           Default Ip: 
           Default UserName:    admin 
           Default Password :   1234 or password 

 -Netgear Router:
           Default Ip: 
           Default UserName:  admin 
           Default Password :  1234 or password 

-Belkin Router:
           Default IP:
           Default usernames: admin, Admin, or blank
           Default passwords: admin, password, or blank-Asus Router:   

-Cisco Router:  Most routers and switches by Cisco have default passwords of admin or cisco, and default IP addresses of or

4. Once you are inside your Router Please locate the Device List, there you will see a list of connected devices either by images, names, mac address or combination of these. They should all provide you with a mac address. 
           -Locate the mac address of your unit ( Which you can find on the bottom of the unit) 
           -Match the mac address to the list of addresses on the router and then next to it should provide you the IP address of that particular unit. 

5. Now that you have the IP address of the unit you can now place that IP address in your web browser and log into your streaming unit. 

NVS- Series 
Default Username:  admin or Admin
Default Password: 000000 or admin

Default Username: admin
Default Password: 000000

If you are having trouble to log into your router or not able to find the unit on your network, we would suggest in resetting your units back to factory default, this way it can be reset back to DHCP in case the units were set to a Static IP address by yourself or someone else and have forgotten the password and Ip address. 

WARNING: Don't reset your Router unless your are confident in that no other unit in your network will be affected by this reset. ( if you are in a school, business or other facility where there's multiple devices on the network and you are unable to reset please try one of the other two methods above to find your IP address, talk to your IT person or call Datavideo Tech Support for further assistance. 


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