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Closed Captioning

Q: Does the DAC-70 support closed captioning?

A: Unfortunately, the DAC-70 does not support closed captioning.

Colorspace and Adjustment

Q: What is the supported color space on the HDMI and SDI outputs?

A: The HDMI and SDI outputs support YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:4:4, and RGB 4:4:4.

The HDMI output color space can be adjusted in the DAC Center's advanced settings. This is helpful for resolving conversion issues with displays or projectors where the image has a severe pink or green tint. The SDI output can not be adjusted in this way.

DAC Center PC Control

The DAC Center Utility software lets you control every DAC-70 setting, including some advanced settings not available via the DIP Switches. Please see the manual for more details.

The software is Windows only, and requires a USB A to mini B cable

When you power off and power your DAC-70 back on again, the DIP Switches override any related settings changed by DAC Center. To bypass this and give DAC Center total control, set DIP Switches 1 and 2 to ON. Even without a connection to DAC Center, it will retain the settings when powered off.

Advanced settings are not affected by this because they can not be adjusted with the DIP Switches.

A video that covers the DAC Center is available here.

Embedded Audio

Q: If I'm sending a VGA signal and RCA audio to the DAC-70, will the audio be embedded on the SDI and HDMI outputs?

A: Yes, the DAC-70 will embed the audio on the SDI and HDMI outputs.


Q: Can the DAC-70 convert VGA gray scale to SDI (480i) and preserve gray scale?

A: Yes, the converted signal will preserve gray scale on all outputs.

HDMI Input and Output

Q:  Is the HDMI out a pass-thru of the HDMI in, (without conversion) or is the HDMI out at the same resolution as the SDI output?  In the application I am looking at, I want to input an HDMI signal at 1080p60.  I need an SDI output at 1080p59.94 and HDMI output at 1080p60.  Is this possible with the DAC-70?

A single input source (VGA, SDI, HDMI) must be selected, and the conversion settings will apply to all outputs (HDMI and SDI). It does not support multiple output resolutions.

But the SDI input does have a SDI loop output which bypasses the converter, so it has the same frame rate and resolution as the SDI input source, and will still output the loop even if the selected source is HDMI or VGA.

Input Resolution Detection

 Will the DAC-70 auto-sense the input resolution and convert it to a preset output resolution?

A: Yes, the DAC-70 will auto-detect the input signal resolution; however, the selected input must be set manually via the DIP Switches or DAC Center software.

Example: 1080i60 is the source input via SDI, so you would need to set the dip switches to SDI. The dip switches on the converter allow you to 
manually set the input source and the output video resolutions. Advanced converter settings can also be configured via the USB interface with the DAC Center software.


Q: Are all the outputs on the DAC-70 active at the same time?

A: Yes, all the outputs are active at the same time. Please be noted that the output resolution will be the same on all the outputs.

VGA Aspect Ratios

Q: If I want to convert a VGA 4:3 signal, will the DAC-70 output it to 720p 16:9 signal?

A: Yes, just set the dip switcher #8 to Full Screen mode.

VGA Supported Resolutions

Q: Does the DAC-70's VGA input support 1280x720 or 1920x1080 resolutions?

A: Yes, these resolutions are supported with firmware version or later.

MAC Computer and Ipad with Adapter

Compatible Adapters and OSX Versions

1. Apple MAC Pro Computer----------------- Mojave V. 10.10.5  MB Pro ISinch 2017 ---
Adapter that Worked:     Apple Adpater, Tuwejia Adapter, Uni Adapter.

2. Ipad Pro---------------IOS 12.4,   Pro 3rd Gen 12.9 




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