CG-200 & TC-200

Importing PNG Sequences in CG-200

Importing PNG Sequences in CG-200

Importing PNG Sequences in CG-200

Nov 03 2020 | CG-200 & TC-200

Importing PNG Sequences in CG-200


-Put the PNG sequence in a folder

-Create a .txt text file in the folder, it can have any name

-Place each file name on a separate line, followed by a semi-colon and the delay in ms
--If left blank the default is 1/60 sec
--There does not need to be a header line, it only needs to be a list of files
--This needs to be done manually at this time, and may be resolved with a future update

dvswim2_00000.png; 20
dvswim2_00001.png; 20
dvswim2_00002.png; 20
dvswim2_00003.png; 20
dvswim2_00004.png; 20
dvswim2_00005.png; 20

-In CG-200, right click and "Add picture/animation"

-Select your text file and click "Open"

-It will load the sequence and you should see the first frame in the graphics composer

You are welcome to try the sample in the attached Zip file, the text file is "dvswim2 CG-200 Animation Sample.txt"


This solution works with all supported image formats:

TXT File Required Transparency Alpha Channel
JPG Yes No No
PNG Yes Yes Yes
BMP Yes No No
TGA Yes Yes Yes
GIF No Yes No


Please see the TC-200 manual (page 17) for more information

Tutorials are available via our CG-200 FAQ page




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