DVP-100 Login Guide

DVP-100 Login Guide

DVP-100 Login Guide

Nov 03 2020 | DVP-100

Q: I have trouble logging into the DVP-100. What is wrong?

A: The DVP-100 uses WiFi technology and as there is a growing number of equipment using this same technology it can get very crowded and you may find that it is sometime hard to log into the DVP-100.

If this is the case, first try to set it on a different WIFI channel. A different frequency can also help.

To do that, do the following:

1. The DVP-100 will create its own Wi-Fi hotspot network called ‘dvPrompter’.
2. Connect your devices to the ‘dvPrompter’ Wi-Fi network
3. Once connected, type the unit’s IP address into a web browser, by default this is
4. You will be asked to login: the username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘000000’
5. Once login is successful, select the ‘Wireless’ tab. By default, the device is in ‘Access Point Mode’, and in this mode, you can select the Wi-Fi frequency and channel number as well as setting the DVP-100 device IP address.
6. Change the settings
7. Click Apply and reboot the device.



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