DAC-70 Firmware Update Guide

DAC-70 Firmware Update Guide

DAC-70 Firmware Update Guide

Nov 03 2020 | DAC-70

DAC-70 Firmware Update Guide


  • The latest version of the DAC-70 firmware is:
    DAC-70 Firmware & DAC-70 Center (Software Control) 

  • If you need the update, please visit the DAC-70 product page and click on the Downloads tab
  • Please use a shielded USB cable no longer than 6 feet. Longer, thinner, and un-shielded cables are susceptible to interference that can cause your update to fail
  • If the update does fail, the DAC can easily be recovered by trying again with a different cable or PC
  • Make sure to extract the contents of the zip files before opening them, the DAC Center may not open within a zip or temp folder as it relies on a separate .DLL file included with the download
  • The programs "DAC Center" and "Datavideo Upload Firmware" may not open within a zip or temp folder as it relies on  separate .DLL and INI files included with the download.


  • Extract the zip file contents of the firmware upgrade tool to your PC
  • Disconnect power from the DAC-70 if not already
  • Run "Datavideo Upload Firmware.exe"

  • Connect the DAC-70 to your PC via USB
  • Connect power, making sure to firmly lock the power connector
  • DAC-70 should automatically connect, otherwise, click the Connect button
  • Click Open File and browse for and select the file DAC70-FW-0138.BIN
  • Click the Start button to begin the update
  • When finished, you will see the word PASS in green letters in the lower right corner of the program
  • The unit will reboot itself and disconnect from the updater
  • You can close the update utility, open the DAC Center, and confirm that the unit has updated to latest version

  • If you see the word FAIL, please try a different cable, preferably one that is less than 6 feet long and shielded, and run the update again. If it fails again, try a different PC. If no combination of PC or cable works, contact Datavideo support at [email protected]

  • If your PC is managed by an IT Department, ask them if they have any Group Policies in place that restrict the use of the drivers and program files in the DAC-70 firmware download. Alternately, it may be easier to use a personal PC at another location

  • If you continue to experience update issues, there may be a compatibility issue with your version of Windows, PC hardware settings, Bluetooth settings, USB devices already connected, or 3rd party software installed. There is no simple solution for these issues, but two good starting points would be to try the utilities in the below Microsoft articles. Please note that in using these utilities provided by Microsoft, you are doing so at your own risk. If you need additional assistance, contact Microsoft Support.
  • Automatically Diagnose and Fix Windows USB Problems
  • Hardware Devices are not Working or are not Detected in Windows

  • It is also possible that you have restrictions on USB devices set by your IT administrator. They may have to review and change Group Permissions in Windows.
  • Managing Hardware Restrictions Via Group Policy


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