Portable Conference Teleprompter
USD $1,325.00

Portable Conference Teleprompter

USD $1,325.00

The Best Prompter for Conference

Stand-alone, Free Adjustment

TP-800 is both easy to set up and easy to operate. Once set up, the TP-800 can stand completely on its own and can be freely adjusted in height and viewing angle. 


Allowing Performers to Focus on Their Best Performance and Ensure the Event Runs Smoothly

TP-800 uses high quality mirror-reflective glass, which looks like an ordinary piece of clear glass from the audience‘s perspective, but perfectly reflects the prepared script displayed on the LCD screen below the Teleprompter.

Clear Display for Any Situation

With a hood, the strong light effect of the surrounding environment can be avoided, always maintain a clear script display.


Easy to Carry and Durable

All components housed in a sturdy, portable case that can be set up in just a few minutes. Supports mains or V-Lock battery power. 

Built in Teleprompter Application

The TP-800 features a bright 15” 4:3 LCD screen with the powerful dvPrompter Plus application built in, there is no need to run software on a laptop.

Built in Teleprompter application
Easy control and monitoring via Ethernet

Easy Control and Monitoring via Ethernet

Control and monitor the prompter over a local network using any device with a modern web browser, Load, reload and control scripts over a local network.

Synchronize Multiple Units via HDMI or IP

Connect multiple TP-800s together using the HDMI input and output or use IP synchronisation over Ethernet.

The HDMI input also allows the 15” LCD screen to be used as a HDMI monitor with third party software if required. The HDMI output can also be used to drive external displays.

Synchronize multiple units via HDMI or IP
Powerful rich text editor

Powerful Rich Text Editor

You can remotely change the font size, type, colour and justification on a per script basis and even use multiple different fonts within a single script.

The editor also has support for embedding images and creating playlists from multiple scripts.

Supports PowerPoint and Keynote slides*

In addition to text-based scripts you can now import your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation slides via the web interface, slides can be controlled using the hardware WR-500 control or the web based remote control interface. dvPrompter Plus supports seamlessly switching between text-based scripts and slides, you can even add slides and text-based scripts to a playlist. 

dvPrompter Plus supports mirroring slides in real time so your content is the right way around even when viewed via the mirror glass.

Real Time Editing

Real Time Editing*

Interrupt live broadcasts with breaking news or urgent updates, simply modify the script via the web interface and watch it update in real time.

Optional Hardware Controllers

The TP-800 can also be controlled using our WR-500 handheld remote, FS-30 Foot Pedal or any generic presentation remote with a USB receiver. Optionally you can connect the Contour Shuttle Xpress to the IP connected computer for even more subtle control.





Power over Ethernet

The TP-800 supports PoE for easy installation. No need to find local power outlets or hire an electrician to install outlets wherever you want to mount your camera. Simply add an optional PoE adapter, then run a single CAT6 cable to power your TP-800.

HDMI Input

In addition to having the powerful dvPrompter Plus application built in, the TP-800 also features a HDMI input port with hardware mirroring allowing you to integrate the hardware with any third-party software, you can even use the HDMI input as part of a playlist.


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Portable Conference Teleprompter

Model Number
Device Used
15" monitor with integrated dvPrompter Plus software
Camera-Mount Interface
Smartphone / Tablet Size
Multi-language Support
Chinese (Simplified)
Prompter Size (Max)
Width: 410mm
Height: 2000mm
Depth: 430mm
Support bar height range: 45 - 161 cm
LCD Native Resolution
LCD Brightness
350 NIT
Remote Control
* Monitoring and control via LAN
*Optional WR-500 wired hardware remote
Operating Temp. Range
0~40 °C
12V DC (Mains adapter supplied)
V-Lock battery
PoE (optional adapter required)
Carry Case Dimensions (excluding handle)
H 375mm x W 430mm x D 165mm
What's in the Box
1 x Main TP-800 ENG hard case & chassis
1 x 15” LCD control unit
1 x Extendable pole with 3/8 screw
1 x Adjustable beam splitter glass clamp
1 x Thumb screw for beam splitter clamp (Item D)
1 x 50/50 glass beam splitter
1 x Universal mains PSU (Or local PSU only for Chinese market)
1 x Ethernet cable 5M
1 x 3.5mm input adapter for WR-500 remote control
1 x USB Mouse
1 x Sun Hood
1 x 12V D-Tap cable
Retail carton


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