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Datavideo TP-800 Portable Conference Teleprompter is Available for Your Public Speaking | Datavideo

Datavideo TP-800 Portable Conference Teleprompter is Available for Your Public Speaking

Oct 01 2021

Datavideo introduces the new TP-800 Portable Conference Teleprompter, which solves the problem of speakers or presenters forgetting their speeches during large conferences, new product launches, or live productions, allowing performers to focus on their best performance and ensure the event runs smoothly. The TP-800 uses high-quality mirror-reflective glass, which looks like an ordinary piece of clear glass from the audience's perspective. Still, it perfectly reflects the prepared script displayed on the LCD screen below the teleprompter.

The TP-800 is both easy to set up and easy to operate, with all components housed in a sturdy, portable case that can be set up in just a few minutes. Once set up, the TP-800 can stand entirely on its own and be freely adjusted in height and viewing angle. The powerful built-in dvPrompter Plus application is very convenient as it does not require any additional computer equipment to display script files. 

Compared to a traditional teleprompter, the TP-800's innovative features allow you to control and monitor the teleprompter from any Ethernet-connected device via a web browser to perform functions such as downloading and using scripts. The powerful text editor combined with remote control allows you to modify each script's font size and typeface at will, even embed pictures, create playlists, and more. Through the HDMI output/input port, multiple TP-800s can be daisy-chained together to meet various live configuration needs.

TP-800 can choose to use the wall socket or V-Lock battery power if the optional WR-500 remote control uses more convenient control of the script to make the performance process more smooth and natural.


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