Foot Switch

FS-30 Foot Switch

FS-30 foot switch control for direct wired control. The FS-30 foot switch connects via USB and offers three pedals with independent functions. The FS-30 uses non-contact photoelectric sensors for near silent operation.

The FS-30 supports control of both scrolling text and slides.

No need to set any control options

The FS-30 will work with all TP-700, TP-800 and TP-900 teleprompters running dvPrompter Plus version 1581 or newer. 

Connecting the FS-30 to the white USB port on the teleprompters 15” LCD monitor, the FS-30 will work as soon as its connected, there is no need to set any control options within the dvPrompter Plus application.


The table above details the functions of each pedal.


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