HDR-60 & HDR-70

HDR-60 & 70 Firmware Release Notes

HDR-60 & 70 Firmware Release Notes

HDR-60 & 70 Firmware Release Notes

Nov 03 2020 | HDR-60 & HDR-70

HDR-60 and HDR-70
Firmware Release Notes

Date: 07/07/2016

Recorder FW REV LCD: 05C3DB10320E06
Codec FW REV LCD: 130 0C4 D10B
Host FW REV LCD: C215003406

Bug Fix
1. Fixed the bug when user press buttons to skip to next clip during play, FFWD/FRWD are no longer working until restart the play process (stop or pause and play again)
2. Fixed audio noises when power up with no SDI input connected. Noise appears after SDI input was connected to system after boot-up process is done.
3. Fixes incorrect RTC when setup RTC with leap year date. (eg. 2016/02/29)

1. During record process, if user accidentally switch input from one format type to another, system will auto switch to an empty and continue to record


Date: 05/12/2016

Recorder FW REV LCD: 05C3D910320E06
Codec FW REV LCD: 130 0C4 D10B
Host FW REV LCD: C21203406

New Feature
1. Deep Format: SSD health monitoring has been added to this release. When SSD is detected there's a need to perform SSD optimization, LCD will display message asking the user to do "Deep Format", ensuring that disk read or write performance will meet the requirement. When the user agrees to "Deep Format", the recorder FW fills 0 to disk byte by byte so it takes longer time to complete. The user can choose to ignore "Deep Format" and continues to operate HDR-60/70 in poor disk performance at his own risk.
2. HDD S.M.A.R.T. bad sector info: HDD health monitoring has been added to this release. When bad sectors has been detected, LCD is going display warning message. User can choose to ingore warning message and continue to operate HDR-60/70 in poor disk performance at his own risk.
3. Gen-lock cross reference: This new feature allows HDR-60/70 to accept black burst as reference signal when playing in HD. 
4. New bit-rate selection: 80 Mb/s I-frame only
5. When the user presses record button and the system detects that input format is not matced to current BIN format, the system will seek another empty BIN and start the record process at the empty BIN.
6. Clip information display is changed to "CLIP XX/YY" where XX is the current clip number and YY is the total number of clips in the current BIN.
7. New commands in RS-232/RS-422:
  a. available record time
  b. total number of clips in current BIN

Bug Fix
1. Fix potential unexpected disk power down during record
2. Fix potential codec error state when the mode switching transition is too short
3. Fix incorrect file time-stamp with leap year date
4. Fix unexpected audio noise in ch 5, 6, 7, 8 when play right after record
5. Make recording process more robust
6. Add fixes in MXF wrapper for AMA link MXF file into Avid MC v.8.x (4:2:2 only)
7. Fix RTC inaccuracy issue
8. Fix incorrect user's configuration being recalled when executes "Recall User Setting" when there's no user's configuration being stored ever.
9. Fix incorrect warning message displayed when record time beyond 10 hours (error 0x55)
10. Fix incorrect free run time code generated after setup RTC
11. Fix occasionally no response to RS-232/RS-422 commands during particular operations:
  a. Bin select
  b. Reset codec


Date: 12/29/2015

Recorder FW REV LCD: 05C3AA102E0E06
Codec FW REV LCD: 130 0BA D10B
Host FW REV LCD: F1BC003106

Bug Fix
1. Genlock fixes
2. Bug fix for MOV file wrapper
3. Bug fix for Hot-plug virgin disk (error after disk format)


FIRMWARE "F3A8" (Alpha)
Date: 08/6/2014

REC: 05F3A8102D0E06
CODEC: 130 0BA D10B
HOST REV: F1E0003206

1. This alpha/debug FW was modified from C3A8 with new method to store errors code and recorder status when error happens during record. It does add few fixes to prevent possible disk write errors. 


Date: 05/06/2014

REC: 05C3A8102C0E06
CODEC: 130 0BA D10B
HOST REV: C1BC003106

New Feature
1. Audio channel selection: User can select to record 2, 4, 8 channels of audio

Bug Fix
1. Improve available record time for HD 50 Mb/s
2. Modify algorithm to detect disk status during disk boot-up (solve problem seen on JM20330)

1. Because file system is changed due to new audio channel selection, disk
was formatted by new FW (C3A8) can not be used with older FW (prior C3A8)


Date: 03/14/2014

REC: 05C39F032B0E05
CODEC: 130 0BA D10B
HOST REV: C1AE003106

Bug Fix

1. Add protection to prevent incorrect disk status read during disk boot up Resolve disk detection problems when insert cartridge (hot-plug) to HDR (with latest IDE-to-SATA bridge IC)


Date: 03/04/2014

REC: 05C39E032B0E05
CODEC: 130 0BA D10B
HOST REV: C1AE003106

Bug Fix
1. Occasionally unexpected play stop error with error coded 0xBB during trick play
2. Unexpected "No AV HDD" during cartridge insertion or power up
3. Decoding issues regarding to trick play in 24P

1. Need to manually re-format disk after upgrading from FW B358 to record
2. Slow play and frame step play are not ready yet
3. Pre-trigger record is not ready yet


Firmware "C195"
Date: 01/13/2014

REC: 05C38D032B0E05
CODEC: 130 0BA 010A
Host REV: C195003006

New Feature
1. Fast Play Forward or Rewind in x3, x6, x9, and x12
2. Skip to next or previous clip during play pause
3. Skip to next or previous 4 seconds during play
4. Play last 15 seconds of a BIN
5. Time-lapse record

Bug Fix
1. Incorrect file (clip) modification date and time after "Repairing File System" or "Unlock Media" was executed
2. Cartridge disk become invisible to HDR (No AV HDD) after upgrading to new firmware
3. Garbage audio data were recorded in Group 2 audio channels when there's no
group 2 audio input from SDI
4. Hot Fix: Fixed unable to skip to previous clip issue

1. Need to manually re-format disk after upgrading from FW B358 to record
2. Slow play and frame step play are not ready yet
3. Pre-trigger record is not ready yet


Firmware "C179"
Date: N/A

REC: 05C37E032A0E05
CODEC: 130 0B7 010A
HOST REV: C179002806

New Feature
1. User menu and parameter:
-Disable function “Pre-trigger” and Time-Lapse

2. Add function “File type select” for HD and SD
-HD: MXF/MOV Default: MXF
-SD: MXF/MOV Default: MXF

-Only one file type exists in the same Bin. If file type between file and user parameter is different in a non-empty bin, it can’t record and show warring message:”DIF FILETYPE ”.
-Add file type information
-Information message at recording/playing([Menu] to trigger Information message)

User parameter will be set to Factory Standard after upgrade.

RS232/422 : Follow HDR60/70 422 command Reversion: 00 28

Bug Fix
1. Host doesn’t detect change of Audio Group. Need to power cycle or plug signal.
2. Gen-Lock doesn’t work at 480i
3. Record time of file is not correct. (Time Zone between user parameter and file system is different)
4. User can do pause->record after changing video format.
5. Host doesn’t show warring message when ext-TC lost.
6. When push Key REC+PLAY to record
7. Host will show audio indicator sometimes
8. Host doesn’t show warning message sometimes if host can’t record.


Firmware "C166"
​Date: N/A


Firmware "B377"
Date: N/A



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