Meet & Greet Virtually



Most performers and speakers will accept request for a VIP meet & greet at your event, a session allows fans and artists to have time for more bonding. roll out a gathering to have a photo and an autograph opportunity, also to personalise the online experience by giving your fans the opportunity to have an experience that will long be remembered!


Key Features


Making a joyous time and pleasing memory with fans!

Simplify your meet & greet not only to promote new albums, new records and/or new movies, create topics and increased the exposure, also making networking to interact with fans and have a time of socializing and getting to know them, making pleasing memories along the way.

ART-650 Solution Kit

Create high quality content and stream it over the internet with ART-650. Solution kit includes a 4-CH Full HD Audio/Video Mixer SE-650, the Stunning Full HD resolution Camera PTC-140 (up to 1080P) that can be controlled from a tablet with PTZ VIEW ASSIST APP, the Streaming Encoder Recorder NVS-35 for instant streaming and recording the footage and a Capture Box CAP-2 for video conferencing such as Google meet, Zoom, MS team or Social Media platforms without haste.