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Why Do You Need a Field Monitor While Shooting Vlogs?

Why Do You Need a Field Monitor While Shooting Vlogs?

Dec 14 2020

Vlogging is one of the most popular forms of media content nowadays. More and more video creators share their content to YouTube. Speaking of vlogging, have you noticed why vloggers often attach a field monitor on the top of DSLR?

Although DSLRs and camcorders have a built-in LCD for previewing the image, the "mini-size" LCD makes it very difficult to examine the details of the image. If the videographer cannot notice the failures in the footage, such as inaccurate focus, wrong composition, and over or underexposure while shooting the videos, it would be too late to correct the failures in the post-production. If the videographer had a field monitor to preview the footage, many unqualified footages could be aware. That's why vloggers always place a field monitor on their DSLR while shooting videos. 

Using a field monitor has the following benefits.

A Bigger and Brighter Monitor

A 5" to 7" field monitor is the most commonly used for vlogging. Compared to the small built-in LCD on the DSLR, the 7" field monitor is significantly more extensive and brighter, providing the user with a better viewing experience.  

Additionally, the high-resolution can better interpret the details and colors of the image. And the best thing is that it is beneficial to the videographer to monitor whether the subject in the image is in focus because the out-of-focus video footage is useless and cannot be corrected by post-production.  

Suppose it is difficult for the user to identify the focus point through the camera's viewfinder. The user can either monitor the focus with "focus peaking" or "zoom in" on the field monitor. The zoom-in function allows users to quickly examine the image's details and ensure that the subject is entirely focused.

Various Professional Monitoring Features

The professional production monitor has good resolution and built-in monitoring features, such as histogram for exposure distribution, false color display, accurate white balance settings, various aspect ratios, and safety markers. With the marks of aspect ratio and safety markers, videographers can quickly see what the cropped images look like after post-production. All of the above features are very helpful to video creators. And these features are only available on the professional production monitor, which the built-in LCDs of the camera don't have.

Lightweight and Mobility

The 7-inch field monitor is lightweight and compact. It can be installed on the top of the DSLR so that the videographer can shoot and monitor the video simultaneously without losing mobility. Many Vloggers, wedding videographers, and YouTubers like to use a field monitor with their DSLRs for handheld shooting.  

The Best Buy 4K UHD LCD Monitor for Vlogging

Datavideo TLM-700UHD is a cost-effective 7" 4K UHD monitor that supports the 4K 50/60P video formats, the most commonly used Vlog shooting. The monitor adopts high-compatibility HDMI input and output interface. It adopts high-compatibility HDMI input and output interface and a 7-inch LCD screen. With an IPS Full HD panel, TLM-700UHD has a 170° wide viewing angle so that the user can see the screen even from the side.


The Datavideo TLM-700UHD also supports a wide range of professional features such as focus assist (peaking), histogram, exposure, zoom in, safety marker, vertical flip, etc. The TLM-700UHD also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring.

The TLM-700UHD LCD monitor can be powered either by an adapter or a battery, which can be mounted on professional camcorders and DSLRs by using hot shoe mounts. It is also compatible with a tripod, arm, and rabbit cage kit. This makes the TLM-700UHD suited for the use of vlogging.

Datavideo TLM-700UHD LCD monitor is currently available worldwide. For more information on the TLM-700UHD, please visit our website at


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