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Sheraton Towers Singapore Upgrades AV Facility

The five-star hotel, Sheraton Towers Singapore, has 420 rooms and recently completes an A/V facility upgrade project.  Let's take a look at the application of ...

Posted on 26 Nov 2018

Exclusive 2018 end-of-year promotion on KMU-100

Exclusive for customers from the EMEA region Datavideo announces an attractive end of year bundle promotion.

Posted on 19 Nov 2018

Datavideo Announces a 12-Input All-In-One Hand Carried Production Studio with Built-in Streaming and Recording

Datavideo announces the HS-3200 HD 12-Channel HD Portable Video Streaming Studio, a 1080p all-in-one hand carried production studio with built-in streaming encoder and recorder.

Posted on 07 Nov 2018

The Right Switcher for the Esport Industry

With the booming esports industry, there will be more and more demand for broadcasting esport competitions in the future.  Since esport broadcast is a new type of live event, which leads ...

Posted on 06 Nov 2018