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TLM Series Monitors FAQ

TLM Series Monitors FAQ

TLM Series Monitors FAQ

Nov 03 2020 | General Information
TLM Series Monitors FAQ

This article compiles frequently asked questions for our entire line of monitors, including TLM-102, TLM-170/H/G/P/L, and TLM-700HD/702HD.
RGB Parade
The TLM-102 does support RGB Parade. To set it, press the menu knob, go to the Waveform sub-menu, and under Waveform (first line) select RGB from the available modes.
TLM-170 Series
Rack Depth
The TLM-170 monitors with a M model designation (ex: TLM-170LM) has a minimum mounting depth requirement of 17 3/4" and a maximum depth of 19 1/2".

The rack ears have front and back posts that can be adjusted. Mounting requires a rack with rear posts.
TLM-700 & TLM-702
SD Models
Aspect Ratio Setting
The TLM-700 and TLM-702 have their aspect ratio set via a button on the front panel. The monitor does not remember this setting, so it will need to be set again after a power cycle. The options are 4:3 and 16:9

TLM-700HD & TLM-702HD
Max Resolution
The TLM-700HD and TLM-702HD support a max resolution of 1920x1080, with a display resolution of 800x480. It supports up to 1080i 60, and while it does not support 1080p specifically, some signals up to 1080p 30 may work.

A full list of supported video formats and signal standards and specifications in the product manual.


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