Adding SSL Certificates to the DVS-200 Streaming Server

Adding SSL Certificates to the DVS-200 Streaming Server

Adding SSL Certificates to the DVS-200 Streaming Server

Nov 03 2020 | DVS-200

DVS-200 SSL Certificate Guide
The DVS-200 optionally supports SSL certificates, by installing a SSL certificate you can access your server via encrypted HTTPS rather than plain HTTP.
To use a SSL certificate you must have a valid domain name (such as dvs.datavideo.com) pointing to the IP address of your DVS-200 server. You will need to create a DNS A entry that points to the public IP address of your DVS-200 server, if you are unsure how to do this please consult your domain hosting provider or IT support department. Before processing to step 2 you should ensure you server can be accesses at http://yourdomain.
Obtain a SSL certificate for your domain, in most cases your domain hosting provider can also provide you with a SSL certificate, if not you can use a third part provider such as name.com.
Please Note: You can obtain free SSL certificates from Letsencrypt from www.sslforfree.com however these are only valid for 90 days, you must remember to generate a new certificate before the 90 day expiry. We do not recommend the use of free SSL certificates.
You SSL certificate provider will supply you with three files, normally these are names as below.

To enable SSL first check the SSL/TLS Support checkbox shown below then upload the three files.
ca_bundle = SSL Chain File
certificate = SSL Certificate File
private.key = SSL Private key



5. Save your settings and wait 30 seconds for the DVS-200 software to restart, you should not be able to access your server at http://yourdomain. If your server is no longer accessible via HTTP or HTTPS there may be an issue with one of the files, please login to your server via SSH and run the command below to revert the changes.

sudo echo /opt/nginx-dvss/settings/rtmp/http_ssl.conf
sudo service nginx-dvss restart




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