NVD-20 & NVD-25

NVD-20 and NVD-25 Web Update Troubleshooting

NVD-20 and NVD-25 Web Update Troubleshooting

NVD-20 and NVD-25 Web Update Troubleshooting

Nov 03 2020 | NVD-20 & NVD-25

My NVD-20/25 is not prompting me to update my unit, even though a new version is available. What can I do to fix it?
Please note that the NVD-30/35 have update notifications built into the web interface.
When an update is available, you will see a notification along the top of the browser page.

Here are a few things you can do:

  •  The NVD must be left powered on and connected to the internet for a few minutes to check for updates in the background
  • When booting, the device will use the monitor's preferred resolution and not the resolution that is set on the NVD Web UI
  • The NVD must be connected to a monitor for you to see the message. Most switchers won't supply the correct preferred resolution to HDMI sources 

  • Updates will not download when a static IP was set due to DNS not working
    The NVD must be on DHCP to update
  •  If you are on a network with an IT administrator and firewall, you likely need for them to open a port to allow the NVD-20 to connect to the internet. Please contact them for support with this

  • Open TCP ports 80 and 22 for the update server
  • If using a proxy server, also open port 873
  • The unit must also have a valid IP, gateway and DNS server

  • You can also try to resolve the servers address from using the same connection
  • Open Windows' Command Prompt and enter the following command:


nslookup updates.datavideo.co.uk
Currently this resolves to

NVD-20 & NVD-25


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