Single Operator Government Meeting

ISO Record & Stream


This workflow is centered around the HS-1600T Mark II HDBaseT Mobile Cast studio, which includes built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You no longer need to have individual units for switching, streaming and recording. HDBaseT technology also simply the workflow, since you only need one cable to transmit video, control, power, and tally from the camera to the switcher.

The main feature of this workflow is everything can be operated by one person. You no longer need to hire a production crew.


Key Features

HDBaseT allows easy installation, which leads to quick setup and tear down time.

All-Inclusive Video Switcher
A product that lets you switch, stream, record, and monitor your camera sources. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

ISO Record
Easily record onto the HDR-80 for back up recording of each camera.

This workflow is consisting of a hand carried video switcher and 3 PTZ cameras which can fit inside our HC-800 carry case. This allows you to easily roll into an auditorium and quickly set up all the equipment. Once the event is over, all the equipment can be packed right back into the durable rugged cases with custom cut foam, which protects the equipment during transport.