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Datavideo Recorder Troubleshooting

Datavideo Recorder Troubleshooting

Datavideo Recorder Troubleshooting

Nov 03 2020 | General Information
Datavideo Recorder Troubleshooting
This is a preliminary troubleshooting document,
additional issues and suggestions will be added in the future.

This applies to the: DN-400, DN-500, DN-600, DN-700,
HDR-40, HDR-50, HDR-45, HDR-55, HDR-60, HDR-70, HRS-30

If your recorder stops in the middle of a recording, check the following:
  • Are the hard drives 5 or more years old?
  • Have the hard drives been dropped?
    • Replace the hard drive
  • The hard drive may need to be re-initialized
    • This is also known as "Low Level Format", "Write Zeroes", or "Deep Format"
    • It helps if it has a lot of bad sectors that build up over time
  • The drive bay slot on the recorder is worn and needs replacement
    • This can be serviced by Datavideo, contact if you do not already have a ticket
  • Is the input signal is unstable?
    • This can cause the recording to pause or fail
      • Is the video and power cabling properly terminated?
      • Is the video and power cabling separated to reduce interference?
  • Are you using the correct power supply?
    • It should read: DC Ouput: 12V 1.5A (18W Max)
      • It is ok if it is more than 1.5A
      • You can calculate watts multiplying volts and amps
        • P = I * V (Power equals Current times Volts)
      • Under-powering the recorder may damage it or cause recordings to fail


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