Eventos ao vivo com 1 único operador

HDBaseT Technology

HDBaseT allows easy installation, which leads to quick setup and tear-down time. The HDBaseT technology also simply the workflow since you only need one cable to transmit video, control, power, and tally from the camera to the switcher.


Did you know...


Camera connections typically require one cable for video, a second cable for power, and a third one for control. However, the HS-1600T MARK II is able to do all of the above using only one ethernet cable for each camera.

This increase in flexibility greatly reduces setup time, and now you can mount the camera in challenging locations (like spots without nearby power outlets)

The HS-1600T Mark II is an all-in-one live dual video production and streaming solution designed with a single operator in mind. This HDBaseT switcher is designed using single Cat6 cable to provide power, video, camera control and tally lamp, in a compact and portable footprint. Designed to work with the PTC-140T and/or PTC-150TL PTZ cameras.

Grave e transmita com 3 câmeras PTZ

Visão geral

A portabilidade é importante quando você faz muitas produções em diferentes locais. Você não quer carregar muitos equipamentos de um local para o outro. Este fluxo de trabalho é centrado no Mobile Cast HS-1600T Mark II HDBaseT, que inclui encoder e gravador de streaming integrados. Você não precisa mais de unidades individuais para alternar, transmitir e gravar. A tecnologia HDBaseT também simplifica o fluxo de trabalho, já que você só precisa de um cabo para transmitir vídeo, controle, tally e energia da câmera para o switcher.


Características principais

O HDBaseT permite uma instalação fácil, o que leva a uma configuração rápida e tempo de desmontagem.

All-Inclusive Video Switcher
Um produto que permite alternar, transmitir, gravar e monitorar as fontes da câmera. É fácil como 1-2-3.

Este fluxo de trabalho consiste em um switcher de vídeo portátil e 3 câmeras PTZ que podem caber em nossa maleta HC-800. Isso permite que você entre facilmente em um auditório e configure rapidamente todo o equipamento. Assim que o evento terminar, todo o equipamento pode ser embalado de volta nos cases resistentes duráveis com espuma de corte personalizado, que protege o equipamento durante o transporte.

Built-in H.264 recorder for SD cards

The HS-1600T MARK II comes with a built-in web-ready recorder. Simply insert your SD card, and you'll have video files that can be immediately uploaded to the video network of your choice or to your website.


Dual Stream encoder to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and more

With its built-in H.264 web streaming encoder, you can stream your show to virtually any CDN like YouTube and Facebook at the same time. It’s volunteer and novice friendly, allowing you to produce and stream any live event meeting, trade show, townhall, government event, worship, sports, and musical performances.

Valere Studios Produces Quality Video Content for their Clients in a Reliable and Efficient Way with Datavideo

Valere Studios, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a production company that helps brands, local businesses, and municipalities generate revenue, traffic, and new customers with video advertising. They also help their clients gain exposure online through live streaming, live recording, and custom video production. They offer live video production, onsite editing, and delivery in 48 hours or less. So, having reliable, easy to use products is essential in the success of their business.

As their business grows, Valere Studios was looking for unique solutions that will help them speed up workflow and deliver quality content for their clients. Valere Studios chose a Datavideo live video production, streaming and recording workflow to meet the demands of their customers.

This solution offers simple but powerful features, which include camera control and multiple platform streaming. The NVS-40 is a star of this workflow, allowing you to stream your program to multiple platforms and record to an SSD drive at the same time. The SE-650 switcher has a mixture of HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, allowing you to add PPT slides or other graphic software from a laptop to your production.

HS-1600T Kit Demo Video

Learn about Datavideo's HS-1600T HDBaseT Portable Production Studio and the PTC-140T remote control PTZ camera. The HS-1600T offers single-cable connection between the switcher and camera, which transfer power, tally, and control over an ethernet cable. The PTC-140T is Datavideo's new budget-oriented remote control PTZ camera suitable for smaller venues that don't need as much zoom capability as the PTC-150-series.

Music Ceremony Live Production

The HDBaseT switcher/mixer with built-in camera control, live streaming, and recording, the HS-1600T is a true all in one video production solution. Watch as Andy Mogg explains why this portable video studio was the best tool for the job.