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Valere Studios Produces Quality Video Content for their Clients in a Reliable and Efficient way with the help of Datavideo

Valere Studios Produces Quality Video Content for their Clients in a Reliable and Efficient way with the help of Datavideo

Jul 31 2019

Valere Studios, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a production company that helps brands, local businesses, and municipalities generate revenue, traffic, and new customers with video advertising. They also help their clients gain exposure online through live streaming, live recording, and custom video production. They offer live video production, onsite editing, and delivery in 48 hours or less. So, having reliable, easy to use products is essential in the success of their business.

As their business grows, Valere Studios was looking for unique solutions that will help them speed up workflow and deliver quality content for their clients. Valere Studios chose a Datavideo live video production, streaming and recording workflow to meet the demands of their customers.

Valere Studios use the HS-1600T HDBaseT Mobile Cast, which is an all-in-one video switching, streaming, recording, and camera controlling unit. In addition, they use PTC-150TL 30x 1080p PTZ cameras, which connect to the HS-1600T via HDBaseT connection that transmits power, video, control, and tally over single CAT 6 cable. Since the HS-1600T has built-in camera control, the production team doesn’t need to have camera operators spread throughout the venue. Camera operation happens at the switcher with a tactile joystick, menu functions and camera movement presets for each camera.The unit itself is compact and lightweight, which is easy to transport from one venue to the next. HDBaseT technology enables a single cable connection from each camera back to the HS-1600T. It takes less than 15 minutes, streamlining their workflow and allows Valere Studios to be fast and efficient to deliver a quality product for their clients.

We are always looking for a cutting-edge way to produce video for our clients, and Datavideo provided us with that solution. It’s unbelievable. We literally have the power of the mobile television studio at our fingertips,” says Les Fultz, Video Producer and Owner of Valere Studios.

Using the HDBaseT solution from Datavideo allows Valere Studios to be more efficient and speed up their productions, which leads to completing more projects in short amount of time saving them time and their clients’ money. For more information, visit the product pages for the HS-1600T and PTC-150TL.



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