SDI to Analogue Cross Converter

The Datavideo DAC-50 is a HD & SD-SDI to Y:U:V Component & Composite Video signal converter with built in up/down scaling. The built in scaler allows users to convert from a HD-SDI (1080i & 720p) or SD-SDI signal to a HD (1080i & 720p) or SD (576/50i) Y:U:V Component or Composite Video signal. The DAC-50 can also cross convert from 1080i to 720p.

The DAC-50 is built in rugged metal housing for use in even the roughest condition. 

System Diagram

Datavideo DAC-50



  • HD-SDI
  • SD-SDI


  • Y:U:V Component
  • Composite Video
  • Built in scaler to convert a HD-SDI (1080i / 720p) or SD-SDI signal to a HD (1080i / 720p) or SD (576 50i) Y:U:V Component or Composite signal
  • Cross convert from 1080i to 720p
  • Rugged metal housing for use in event the roughest conditions



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