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Can I embed the stream from dvCloud to my website?
dvCloud does not support iframe embed.


How many encoders can I connect to dvCloud?
The Essentials plan supports one live video source, and the Professional plan supports up to five live video sources.


How many streaming destinations can I have?
The Essentials plan supports up to five active destinations, and the Professional plan supports up to 25 active destinations. Only active (enabled) destinations count towards this total.


How much can I stream?
The Essentials plan includes 500GB bandwidth per month, that’s roughly 70 hours of streaming to five destinations at once (3Mbps stream with 128Kbps audio). The Professional plan offers truly unlimited streaming.


What if I stream more than the 500GB included on the Essentials plan?
Additional data is billed at $0.25 per GB and will be added to your monthly invoice. If you regularly exceed 500GB you should consider upgrading to our unlimited Professional plan.


What is SRT?
SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport. SRT is a protocol that has built-in protections against fluctuating network bandwidth and packet loss, making it possible to deliver high-quality video even over lossy and unpredictable networks. Most video platforms only support the older and less reliable RTMP protocol. By using a Datavideo SRT enabled encoder with dvCloud, you can reliably stream to any video platform even on unreliable network connections by using SRT.


Can I send HDMI or SDI to another location over the internet?
Yes dvCloud will allow you to easily connect Datavideo Encoders and Decoders over the public internet without the need to worry about IP addressing or firewalls. You can connect multiple Decoders to a single Encoder. We utilise the SRT protocol to ensure a reliable connection even over extremely long distances.


What if I have more than five live video sources?
dvCloud allows you to subscribe to multiple plans from a single account, simply add additional dvCloud plans as you required.


Is there a limit on the video bitrate or resolution?
dvCloud supports full HD 1080P resolution. There is no bitrate limit.


Is H.265 / HEVC supported?
Only H.264/AVC is currently supported.


Can I white label dvCloud?
Yes, both the Essentials and Professional plans allow you to change the logo and page titles to remove all Datavideo branding.


Is it secure?
Yes, both the Essentials and Professional plans are accessed via a secure HTTPS connection. HLS streams are encrypted and SRT supports up to 256Bit encryption of the input and output streams.


How can I be sure my stream is getting to dvCloud OK?
We utilise the SRT protocol and provide detailed statistics so you can be sure every frame makes it to our cloud backbone.


How can I be sure my stream is getting to my streaming platforms and decoders OK?
We provide real time statistics for all your streaming destinations.


Do I get billed every month for my subscription or will it charge the credit card on file automatically?

Your credit card on file will be charged automatically once your subscription is up for renewal. If the payment mentod expires, customers are notified, and have 5 days to resolve the payment before the service is "Suspended". Suspension of service will shut down your server but will not be result in a deletion of files. If the invoice is not paid within 30 days, the system will automatically "Terminate" the service which wil reset all services and files.