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Datavideo Introduces the Compact and Versatile BC-15P 4K POV Camera | Datavideo

Datavideo Introduces the Compact and Versatile BC-15P 4K POV Camera

Apr 24 2022

Are you looking for a compact and high-quality 4K camera to create a nice point of view shot?  The brand new Datavideo BC-15P 4K POV Camera is your answer!

Datavideo BC-15P applies a 1/2.3” 4K CMOS sensor to capture high-quality images.  It is one of the best cameras for capturing eSport applications with a superior optical lens.  The BC-15P includes two swappable fixed lenses.  The standard lens gives an excellent clear quality of a close-up POV shot, while the wide-angle lens captures a wide shot of your subject in great detail.

Moreover, BC-15P can simultaneously live stream the H.264/H.265 video to two CDNs platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.  With Datavideo dvCloud, users can stream to 25 live-streaming platforms simultaneously and automatically back up their video files on the cloud server. Next to that, dvCloud users also benefit from SRT streaming towards dvCloud, enabling to use even fluctuating (mobile) broadband connections.

The BC-15P is compact and versatile, flexible to be mounted anywhere.  The camera is not only applicable to eSports productions but also a perfect choice for YouTubers and video content creators.  The physical buttons on the rear panel of the BC-15P make it very easy to adjust settings.  Once the camera is set up, there is no need to use an additional remote controller.

Datavideo BC-15P 4K POV Camera is now available worldwide.  For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local distributors or visit


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