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Datavideo’s Cost-effective PTC-140 Cameras are Now Shipping

Datavideo’s Cost-effective PTC-140 Cameras are Now Shipping

Jul 01 2019

Datavideo is pleased to announce the PTC-140 PTZ camera series is now shipping and available through its authorized dealer channel. This new PTZ camera series is a cost-effective and powerful addition to the popular PTC-150 camera series. The PTC-140 camera series has 20X optical zoom with HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. It also includes HDBaseT models, PTC-140T and PTC-140TH, which feature transmission of power (PoE), video, control, and tally over a single CAT 6 cable. All PTC-140 models can stream to any CDN or send video over IP using the built-in H.264/H.265 encoder. Easy to use web UI provides configuration of your stream and camera settings over a network.

The PTC-140 camera series can be controlled in four different ways. First, they can be controlled using a serial controller, RMC-180 for a small four camera solution. Second, they can be controlled using an IP controller, RMC-300C for a large 24 camera solution. Third, they can be controlled by an iOS/Android app, SE-500MU for a simple tablet control solution. Last but not least, the PTC-140T, HDBaseT version, can be controlled by the HS-1600T HDBaseT Mobile Cast Studio for an all-in-one solution. 

“The PTC-140 cameras have powerful features that AV professionals like such as superior image quality and the ability to be controlled by various different devices, which makes it really convenient for integrators to install in different applications,” says Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo US.  

The PTC-140 camera series includes PTC-140 1080p PTZ camera, PTC-140T 1080p HDBaseT PTZ camera without HBT-11 HDBaseT Receiver, and PTC-140TH 1080p HDBaseT PTZ camera with HBT-11 HDBaseT Receiver.  The MSRP of the PTC-140 camera series starts at $1,249. More information on Datavideo’s cameras can be found at 


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