Overflow Worship



This overflow worship is an event for worship leaders and whole worship teams, created to resource the local church with everything that they need to be effective in their ministry. The focus is on the small and medium sized churches and the unique challenges that they may face.


One of the unique things about Overflow is that it is focused on the whole worship team. So, Worship Leaders, bring your drummers, guitar players, keyboardists, techs, vocalists…everyone! There is a little something for them all!  God wants to see His church thrive and the goal of Overflow is to encourage, refill and equip you to thrive in the ministry God has called you to.


Key Features


Empower Your Audience

Customize your visuals, audio and graphics in HOW-3200 backend, so you’re ready to rock when it’s time to start live streaming to broadcast your stream audience, wherever they are, who have a heart for the local church, to equip and empower your audience.

HOW-3200 Solution Kit

During this unprecedented period of uncertainties brought about by pandemic, it allows you to perform a professional video production effects like TV station do that will create a very impressive “Wow!” to your audience, and brings a new level of simplicity to production workflows for a video campaign and to instantly stream to internet, wherever you are.