e-Learning Classroom



More and more educators have been fast moving to the virtual world, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms, from in-person courses to a virtual classroom, across all subject areas and grade levels at elementary, middle, high schools, colleges and universities. These e-learning models including Flipped Classroom, MOOC, and Open Courseware and many more.


Key Features


Simple e-Lecture Production

A simple Lecture Capture solution for recording lectures and presentations to empowers educators for virtual learning, recorded contents and/or self-test exams for online teaching materials can be download easily by students, courses can be live streaming in real-time, same as classroom modules, delivered through web based platform to ensure engaged learning, that can be flexible and easy to operate.

EDU-650 Solution Kit

Create high quality content and stream it over the internet with EDU-650. The solution kit includes a 4-CH Full HD Audio/Vision Mixer SE-650, a Stunning Full HD resolution Camera PTC-140 and a Capture Box CAP-2 for video conferencing such as Google meet, Zoom, MS team or Social Media platforms without haste.