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Datavideo PTC-145 Series: Setting a New Standard for Cost-Effective HD Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras

Datavideo PTC-145 Series: Setting a New Standard for Cost-Effective HD Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras

Mar 18 2024

Datavideo is thrilled to release its latest innovation, the PTC-145 HD Tracking PTZ Camera series, a groundbreaking line of cost-effective HD auto-tracking PTZ cameras. Designed to meet the demands of modern content creators, educators, and businesses, the PTC-145 series sets a new standard for performance, affordability, and versatility in PTZ cameras. Featuring advanced auto-tracking capabilities, the PTC-145 empowers users to effortlessly capture dynamic presentations, lectures, events, and more with precision and ease. Whether in a classroom, boardroom, studio, or auditorium, these cameras deliver unparalleled performance without breaking the bank.

The PTC-145 boasts 1080/60p high-definition resolution and smooth frame rates, ensuring crystal-clear imagery in every shot. The camera also features a 20x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom, allowing users to frame shots and capture distant subjects. With its innovative auto-tracking technology, users can designate a target for the camera to follow, eliminating manual adjustments and ensuring that the focus stays where it's needed most.

"Datavideo is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower our customers to create high-quality content without compromise," said Jack Lin, President of Datavideo. "With the PTC-145 series, we're raising the bar for cost-effective PTZ cameras, delivering advanced features and performance at a price point that's accessible to everyone."

In addition to its auto-tracking capabilities, the PTC-145 offers a range of features designed to streamline workflow and enhance productivity. From remote control functionality to compatibility with leading streaming platforms, these cameras are built to meet the needs of today's content creators and educators.

The Datavideo PTC-145 series is available in multiple models including NDI, to suit different applications and budgets, ensuring a solution for every need. Whether you're a content creator looking to take your productions to the next level or an educator seeking to enhance the learning experience, the Datavideo PTC-145 series has you covered.

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