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AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer - Application Guide

AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer - Application Guide

Feb 19 2014

In EFP multi-machine operations, there is typically a professional audio control team responsible for sound processing. So, what role does the AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer play in EFP multi-machine operations? What functions does it contribute to the team, assisting in completing a beautiful broadcast for the director?

Live audio control is responsible for the presentation of sound effects at live events. This includes mixing the recording and background music, which is then played through the speakers at the venue, providing an immersive experience for the live audience. However, broadcast audio control is quite different from live audio control. In addition to the sound effects managed by live audio control, broadcast audio control also needs to incorporate the voices of broadcast personnel and background music for the television and online broadcasts. The AD-200 is a product specifically designed for broadcast audio control and is part of the audio control equipment designed for broadcast integration systems. Below, we introduce how to utilize the AD-200 in different scenarios.

I. Live Broadcast Audio Control

Live audio control focuses solely on tuning the stage audio input and speaker output to achieve the best sound for live events. It cannot optimize processing for the specific requirements of television or online broadcasting. Therefore, the AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer is the ideal live broadcast audio control processing device. The AD-200 collects the audio effects from live audio control, the live host, and background music, inputting them into the broadcast system. These audio inputs are then integrated with the video and output to television or online broadcasts, forming the sound effects of the programs viewers currently watch. For example, in a baseball broadcast, this includes the combination of stadium sounds, broadcasters, and background music, showcasing the functionalities of the AD-200.

II. O.B. Van and SNG Van Sound Monitoring Equipment

O.B. Vans and SNG Vans primarily engage in outdoor directing and live broadcasting. For the reception of audio sources, it is essential to have a dedicated audio control device as part of the system for sound monitoring and correction. This ensures seamless integration of complete sound effects with live video broadcasting. The rack design of the AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer is most suitable for the integrated use within the vehicle's system.

III. System Integrated Audio Control Equipment

The trend of mobile directing systems has gained popularity in recent years, especially with Datavideo's vigorous promotion. However, integrating a professional audio control device into a mobile directing system is not a straightforward task. This is because most audio controls are desktop models and cannot be easily fitted into a 19-inch rack, and their size can make the mobile system excessively large. The AD-200 is a compact yet professional audio control device, suitable for integrating into mobile directing systems due to its small size and functionality.

The above are just the basic application modes of the AD-200 Sound Delay Mixer. Despite having only 6 sets of Audio and AUX inputs, the AD-200 is compact and fully functional, satisfying all operational modes for basic directing audio control. The main reason is that live events already have a large-scale live audio control setup, managing all on-site sound effects. The audio for television or online broadcasts differs from on-site audio, and the AD-200 only needs to mix the on-site audio control effects, broadcast personnel audio, and program background music before outputting them to the directing system to meet the program's sound effect requirements.


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