Easy Installation Solution

HDBaseT Transmission + Robotic Pan-Tilt Head Application

This is a solution to help users integrate his camcorder into the workflow. It is ideal for the house of worship, corporate conference.  This workflow is centered around the HS-1600T HDBaseT Mobile Cast studio, including a built-in monitor, streaming encoder, and recorder. Thus, you no longer need individual volunteers to operate the cameras, switcher, streaming encoder, and recorder. 

The workflow also features the robotic pan-tilt head designed to turn any camcorder or block cameras into a PTZ camera. If you already have a high-resolution camcorder or an ENG camera, then the PTR-10T MARK II robotic pan-tilt head can help you upgrade your camera to the remote control PTZ camera.

The PTR-10T MARKII provides connection using HDBaseT, making it great for usage with Mobile Cast Studios, like the Datavideo HS-1600T MARKII. The operator can control the robotic pan-tilt head via the HS-1600T MARK II without hiring an additional camera operator.

Datavideo PTR-10 MARK II Robotic Pan Tilt Head Workflow

HDBaseT Technology

HDBaseT allows easy installation, which leads to quick setup and tear-down time. The HDBaseT technology also simply the workflow since you only need one cable to transmit video, control, power, and tally from the camera to the switcher.


Comprehensive and Versatile


All-Inclusive Video Switcher

The Mobile Cast Studio s a comprehensive video switcher, which integrates switch, stream, record, monitor, and camera control features into a hand-carry box.


The robotic pan-tilt head can be placed on the heavy-duty tripod or mounted on the wall and ceiling, bringing up a lot of flexibility for your video production.

Music Ceremony Live Production

The HDBaseT switcher/mixer with built-in camera control, live streaming, and recording, the HS-1600T is a true all in one video production solution. Watch as Andy Mogg explains why this portable video studio was the best tool for the job.

Live Stream School Ceremony

Live Streaming has become essential for many schools to reach parents and students. The Datavideo HS-1600T Mark II HDBaseT Video Streaming Studio makes it possible to live stream events for Sycamore Magnet Academy in Tustin, CA. They also use 3 Datavideo PTC-140T HDBaseT PTZ Cameras to get many angles of coverage. The one-cable workflow of HDBaseT makes setup and tear down fast and easy.

Infocomm 2021 - Datavideo HS-1600T and New HDBaseT Workflows

We were at Infocomm 2021 in Orlando to show some new HDBaseT workflows for live video production. The HS-1600T Mark II is a powerful HDBaseT Video Streaming Studio that is compatible with Datavideo PTZ Cameras, as well as the PTR-10T Pan/Tilt Head. The PTR-10 is compatible with many camcorder and ENG cameras by Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and Canon, turning them into remotely operated pan/tilt/zoom cameras. 


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