Datavideo Exhibits at the Annual SATIS Expo in Paris |Datavideo

Datavideo на ежегодной выставке SATIS Expo в Париже

Nov 21 2016

Replay setup

The HDR-10 and RMC-400 setup is very cost effective and popular to the crowd. A lot of people are touching buttons and fiddling with the T-bar to see how easy it works. This versatile, flexible and impressive looking setup is very affordable, very easy to use and creates stunning results.


The KMU-100 has proven to be very popular in France as well. With the now further improved joystick controller, users don’t necessarily need to use a laptop anymore. All functionality can be accessed from the RMC-185 remote, including four different presets that include all settings. By using these presets you can store settings for different venues, or expand the functionality with even more cutout windows!


The latest addition to the switcher line-up is very popular by the general public. Especially since this four channel SE-650 doesn’t save on functionality. This mixed HDMI/SDI switcher packs two chromakeyers, PIP options, DSK options and a streaming multiviewer! This switcher will become available in Q1 2017, and is highly anticipated.


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