South African Government Uses Datavideo Products

Правительство Южной Африки Выбрало Оборудование Datavideo

Nov 05 2014

Подразделение производства средств коммуникации, Департамента Торговли и Промышленности ЮАР, выпустило для Компенсационного Фонда ТV Рекламу с использованием хромакей решения CKL-300 от Datavideo.

Департамент Связи функционирует в качестве рупора правительства Южной Африки. В сферу профессиональных услуг, которые он предоставляет, входят аудио-видео услуги правительству для распространения сообщений и информации, касающихся государственной политики, планов, программ и достижений.

The Department's video unit renders services to the presidency as well as to all Government departments. The unit produces TV adverts for the various Government department's campaigns. One of these was the department of Labour who approached the unit for a TV advert earlier this year. The brief for the Department of Labour's Compensation Fund "Going Paperless" campaign was to make medical doctors and service providers aware that all paperwork can be done online now. The idea was to convert clients from hard copy to digital. In order to depict this transition, it was thought that the use of holograms in a short video would best demonstrate this transition from paper to "paperless".

The advert was filmed using a Panasonic P2 camera together with Datavideo's CKL-300 Chromakey background kit, supplied by Macro Video in Pretoria, green keyed out using Adobe after-effects, and the graphics that were created on after-effects.

Pule Tsoai, director of photograpy for the advert and cameraman at the video unit remarked

"It really was easy setting up the CKL-300 kit. Three sections of cloth can be velcroed together to form a 2,5m high, 3m wide background, supported by a backdrop stand. A ring light attached to the camera's lens with either blue or green LEDs reflects off the highly reflective special screen, providing a uniform green or blue background with minimal attention to lighting . All components of the CKL-300 kit fold up and are easily portable in a nylon carry case. We really like the Datavideo products ".

To watch the Compensation Fund advert click here.


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