Virtual Presentation Solution

Perform a presentation in any setting using virtual studio technology


Why spend money building sets in a studio space for creating high quality corporate branding videos for shareholder meetings or marketing videos, when you can do it all at a fraction of the cost? Using the TVS-2000A virtual studio, you can create professional content in state of the art virtual sets that will increase your company’s image. TVS-2000A is a 5 in 1 product, which consists of a virtual studio, video switcher, character generator, recorder, and streaming encoder. All you need is to set up a green screen in your office, and with the technology of the TVS-2000A, you can be inside a professional production set to do your presentations or corporate marketing video content.


Key Features

► All-in-one System
Create virtual sets, switch between two cameras, add titles for character generation, record your video, and stream to the internet from one product.

► High Quality Camera
PTC-150 cameras that come with this solution are compact, lightweight, and support up to 1080p resolutions with HD-SDI outputs.

  • 2x PTC-150 PTZ Cameras
  • AD-200 Audio Delay Box
  • TVS-2000A Virtual Studio System
  • RMC-280 Controller
  • DVS-200 Video Cloud Streaming Server