Pro Presentation System

VGB-500, the Pro Presentation System, is designed for teachers to record courses.  The idea of VGB series origin from the virtual studio.  The advanced ChromaKeyer technology of VGB-500 makes the system perfectly combine talent’s image and course materials as foreground and background.   With the interactive pen, talent is able to to make notes, drawing on the powerpoint slide.  Look Back Kit allows a user to view the camera image, and the device includes tally light.   Besides, VGB-500 also supports live streaming and recording simultaneously.  

All the above functions could be controlled by talent him/herself.  Producing a tutorial video is no longer a difficult task.  The system is easy to set up and require a small studio, it is an ideal application for distance education and broadcast.

  • Combine talent’s image and powerpoint as foreground and background.
  • High quality Chromakey function delivers perfect keying.
  • Live streaming and recording simultaneously. 
  • Interactive pen to make notes, drawing on the powerpoint slide.
  • Easy to produce video by talent his/herself. 
  • MGB-5, 22” large size Lookback kit and foot switch included.
  • 1x MS-VGB1K Mobile VGB

  • 1x MAT-5 Green Mat (1.8M x 54M)

  • 1x IEPEN Interactive Electronic Pen

  • 1x FS-210 Foot Switch

  • 1x LBK-1 Look Back Kit