HDMI Title Creator

The TC-100 is designed to be portable and rugged as well as quick and easy to set up in the field, in the mobile broadcasting, live conferences, and dynamic video presentations. Using a standard laptop, it enables users to create and deliver professional on-screen graphics and titles in real-time. Not only it is easy to operate, the TC-100 is designed to be intuitive and responsive under the pressure of a fast-paced live event. It allows producers to create professional CG overlays with a Windows laptop instead of transporting a high-end desktop PC with PCIe cards fitted. 

The system provides: 

1. Overlay a Graphics/Titles signal from PC HD HDMI output on passing through TC-100 HD HDMI Live video signal.

2. The Graphics/Titles signal have two options: CG Titles overlay and Luma Key overlay

3. Overlay a Logo on the output signal of the TC-100. 

  • Live Title Generator: Support HDMI input and output for laptop CG overlay mode 
  • Support Luma Key Title and Logo overlay function
  • Real-time Graphics/Titles operation
  • Supports HD video up to 1080p 50/60
  • Free CG software CG-200 included
  • No additional PCI card required, title editing on laptop
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8 or above 
  • Thank You Card
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