Rear panel with VP-633 x 3 and SDI BNC I/O x 8

The RP-75 is a rack-mount rear panel with 8 SDI BNC I/O ports and 3 built-in VP-633 SDI Repeater transmitters. It can be installed into the OBV-2800+CCU-100 to provide the user with up to 8 I/O ports for video transmission.

The RP-75 includes three VP-633 Repeater transmitters, which receive three external SDI Outputs from three VP-634 Repeater Receivers. The rest of the five input terminals are simply pure HD/SD-SDI I/O terminals.

  • Detachable standard 1U rack design for easy installation
  • Two Ethernet Ports
  • Three HDMI Terminals
  • 1x RP-75
  • 1x Quick Start Guide