Rear panel with VP-445, SDI BNC

The RP-65 is a rack-mount HD/SD-SDI Output Distribution Rear Panel that can be installed into the OBV-2800+CCU-100OB VAN Studio System to provide up to four SDI output terminals.

The RP-65 includes a VP-445 HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier, which takes three User-Defined SDI Outputs from the SE-2800 and distributes it to four SDI outputs.

The power is supplied from the PD-2A Power Center and the RP-65 in turn powers the RP-66. Please refer to the system diagram for details on the physical connection.

  • Detachable standard 1U rack design for easy installation
  • One VP-445 HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier
  • One 4-PIN XLR Power Output
  • Four HD/SD-SDI Video Outputs
  • 1x RP-65
  • 1x Quick Start Guide