SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher remote controller

The RMC-260 is a cost effective remote controller designed specifically for the SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher.

The RMC-260 interfaces with the SE-1200MU via an RS-232 interface.

The RMC-260 is a switcher-style controller, an alternative to the PC Controller software of SE-1200MU, all keys on the unit are clearly defined for quick and easy operation.

  • SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher remote controller
  • A switcher style keyboard for SE-1200MU operation
  • Clear key definitions
  • Support Keyers enable and function assignment quickly
  • Save user behavior to user memory keys and load them quickly
  • Two keyers with two corresponding knobs for assignment of Keyer 1/2 sources
  • XPT (Cross Point Assignment)
  • Take button to switch between PVW and PGM views
  • FTB button fades the PGM view to a black screen
  • Cross Dissolve button applies cross-dissolve transition effect to switching between PGM and PVW views
  • Still Grab function captures the instantaneous video image
  • RS-232 interface for communication between RMC-260 and SE-1200MU
  • Bright LED lighting
Thank you for allowing JCConnect to utilize the SE-1200MU and RMC-260. IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!  PIP was a major feature of what we wanted to do for the track and field events we were covering.  We were able to make sure other events were seen simultaneous with other events.  We were also able to figure out on the fly how to zoom in with PIP and show a running clock from the scoreboard.  Great product!!

By Michael J., JCConnect

We used the SE-1200 again on Saturday for a live production (also included live streaming this time.) Everything went very smoothly through the 4+ hour production... This was the first time we used the SE-1200 setup with our existing live encoder… and everything performed perfectly.

By Russell L., Wilmington University

[SE-1200 with RMC-260 and PTC-150 cameras] were very awesome yesterday. Having the ability to program the cameras for pre-shots and just pressing a button and switch to it worked out great! I did need [some direction on setting up the chroma key and Datavideo tech support pointed me to some tutorial videos on your website.]

Thanks Again!

By Joshua S., Engineer; Brookhaven, GA

  • 1 x RMC-260
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V 
  • 1 x DB9P to DB9P Cable
  • 1 x Thank You Card
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