A complete product bundle for teaching video production - cameras included


The EPB-2100 (Educator's Production Bundle) contains everything needed to teach students how to plan and produce live video. The complete workflow lets students learn how to switch, record, stream, and do on-screen graphics. In addition, by incorporating an easy-to-understand curriculum, the Video Production Teacher's Guide, we've made teaching and learning even easier, with recommended lesson plans and step-by-step how-tos backed by professional videographers, show hosts, and producers. The EPB-2100 even comes with the Video Production Activity Book, which is full of practical real-world lessons that will prepare students for professional video.


Key Features

► Curriculum and Lesson Plans Included
EPB-2100 comes with Datavideo's Video Production Teacher's Guide and the Video Production Activity Book

► Easy-to-Use Equipment
The specific easy-to-operate video production gear is easy to teach and easy to learn. It's perfect for fast or slow-paced term sessions.


System Diagram