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The Datavideo DAC-45 has been crowned as the successor to the world-renowned DAC-70, the swiss army knife of video converters. The DAC-45 has all of the same features as the DAC-70, with the addition of 4K HDMI support. Thanks to its built-in super resolution engine, users can now up-convert from SD 480 resolution all the way to 4K resolution with excellent image quality and sharpness.

Future-proof all your video equipment with the DAC-45. It is a bridge that connects all your equipment together to complete your workflow.


Conversion Chart


DAC-45 vs. DAC-70 Comparison

  • Built-in Super Resolution Engine for 4K Up Conversion
  • Built-in Resolution & Frame rate Up/Down Conversion Engine
  • Built-in De-interlacer and Interlacer ( IP conversion)
  • Can be used as a distribution amplifier, since all outputs are active at the same time
  • Proc Amp
  • The DAC CENTER software allows adjustment of HDMI color space
  • Dip switch settings chart is printed on the bottom of the DAC-45 for easy access
  • Available RMK-1 rack allows two DAC-45 to be racketed in a 19” rack
  • HDMI strain relief protects your cable and helps keep it in place
  • Support of various resolutions and HDMI color space allow consumer laptops to be used in a professional workfl ow
  • Audio embedder
  • Can convert VGA signal to 4K HDMI or HD-SDI
  • 1x DAC-45 
  • 1x AD Switch DC 12V
  • 1x Thank You Card


Datavideo Announces TWP-10 4K Video Wall Processor and DAC-45 4K Up Down Cross Converter

Datavideo releases the innovative and cutting-edge TWP-10/100 4K Video Wall Processor and DAC-45 4K Up Down Cross Converter to gain a foothold in the professional Audio/Video market.

Posted on 2017-04-12

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1U Rackmount Kit

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1U Rackmount Kit