Conference Solution

Produce video in a conference setting using less products


Producing and sharing your corporate conferences are easier now than ever with the SE-500HD. All you need is a PTC-150 camera and a laptop with your PowerPoint presentation connected to the video switcher. Simply connect the PGM output from the SE-500HD to the NVS-25 streaming encoder, and you’ll be streaming your conference to shareholders or regional offices in no time.


Key Features

► Simplified Workflow
This setup allows you to switch between the presenter and the powerpoint presentation with ease. Only one camera is needed.

► Ease of Use
All the equipment in this workflow are extremely easy to use and set up for the benefit of having a low learning curve.

  • PTC-150 Camera
  • RMC-180 Camera Controller
  • SE-500HD Video Switcher
  • NVS-25 Streaming Encoder