Weekly Service



A weekly worship service usually is an event often held in a church, happening not exclusively occurs on Sunday, or Saturday, attracts a lot of followers from all over the world. Produce and stream your worship services with this easy-to-use Single Operator workflow. Stream your weekly service with live streaming or pre-recordings in private group to any CDN like Facebook Live, YouTube.


Key Features


Single Operator Worship with HDBaseT workflow

A simple 3-camera with HDBaseT solution takes the headache out of having to install electrical outlets on the wall for every camera inside a worship house. Simply run a single CAT-6 cable which carries power, video, control and tally from a PTZ camera to the production console. The video switcher has professional features like PiP and Luma Key to connect a ProPresenter laptop for displaying titles, verses, and hymns. It also includes a built-in H.264 encoder, to allow you to stream your services online.

HOW-1600T Solution Kit


Capture, Control, Switch, Stream from HS-1600T with its built-in camera control interface (up to 3x PTC-140T), are extremely easy to use and setup by Single Operator, for the benefit of the weekly volunteers.