Hybrid Event with Tracking

Hybrid Event with Tracking

Experience the ultimate classroom solution with our cutting-edge system, featuring a powerful switcher at its core. It's seamlessly enhanced by three remote-controllable cameras strategically positioned in the left, center, and right zones of the classroom, expertly synchronizing with the teacher's instructional materials.

In the heart of the action, our system enables dynamic real-time camera transitions, adapting to the teaching context or seamlessly orchestrating captivating picture-in-picture displays. Elevate your educational experience with unmatched versatility and engagement.

Hybrid Classroom Solution

This system is centered around a switcher, complemented by three remotely controllable cameras placed in the left, center, and right positions of the classroom, along with the teacher's teaching materials. During the class, the system allows switching between camera views based on the teaching context or displaying a picture-in-picture output.


iCAST 10NDI: Produce Hybrid Events Using this All-in-One Switcher

iCAST 10NDI is a new and innovative live production equipment that houses a switcher, camera controller and streaming encoder in one box. A variety of inputs can be connected to iCAST 10NDI to allow you to create an eye catching presentation with different video sources, such as PTZ and document cameras, and a laptop for  your presentation slides.

Using the built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You can easily live stream to multiple platforms and record your show to an SD card. Six video channels can be ISO recorded at the same time in order to provide you with more program materials for post production.

iCAST 10NDI is definitely a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for video streaming and recording.


Seamless Switching

Switching between five video channels at mid to large scale live events.


Multichannel Audio Mixing

Multi-audio channel calibration as well as individual audio channel delay for synchronizing audio with video.


Video Streaming

Low latency streaming to multiple platforms with iCAST 10NDI.


Video Recording

Simultaneously record six video channels which are comprised of five input videos and one main program out.


Character Generation

Custom real-time captions and subtitles for your programs such as news broadcast.


System Control

Supports TPC-700, RMC-300A, RMC-180 MARK II and PTZ View Assist APP (free) for camera control.

TPC-700 Series: the Best Partner for Hybrid Video Production Solution

With the TPC-700 touch panel controller, you can access a series of functions with just one tap, making it easy to switch between sources, add effects, control audio levels, and more.

The one-touch, one-function design streamlines the production process and enables you to create high-quality video content with ease.


PTC-305: 4K 20x PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking

Datavideo is introducing the 4K50/60p Auto-tracking PTZ camera, PTC-305, which can be easily controlled via a traditional RS-422 serial port or IP remote control using DVIP (Datavideo's proprietary protocol) or Sony VISCA over IP. This brand new 4K camera series supports dual streaming output for A/V market applications. You can effortlessly stream to platforms like Facebook (RTMPS), YouTube, and dvCloud.

Furthermore, Datavideo offers extended models, such as the PTC-305T 4K HDBaseT and PTC-305NDI, to cater to various workflow requirements.

Datavideo's 4K 12x PTZ Camera: PTC-280

Live productions rely on high-performance cameras and camera controllers. Datavideo introduces the 4K50/60p PTZ camera, PTC-280, a professional PTZ camera designed to enhance your event capture.

The PTC-280 can be effortlessly controlled through a traditional RS-422 serial port or IP remote control via DVIP (Datavideo's proprietary protocol) or Sony VISCA over IP. This innovative 4K camera series supports dual streaming output for A/V market applications, allowing you to effortlessly stream to platforms like Facebook (RTMPS), YouTube, and dvCloud.


CAP-2: HDMI IN to USB 3.0 Capture Box

CAP-2 HDMI IN to USB 3.0 Capture Box is an HDMI-USB Capturing device, which supports up to 1080p50/60. Plug and play in the various operating system.

It features a stereo line in external audio, which can be switched as HDMI embedded audio or external line-in audio. There are more flexible and powerful settings for capturing. 

How to do a Hybrid Presentation

The iCAST 10NDI Hybrid Events Switcher, our new AI Tracking PTZ camera, and TPC-700 Touch Screen Controller create a brand new way of doing Hybrid Presentations, where the presenter can easily control and switch their live stream! A Hybrid presentation is when a speaker or educator is presenting to an audience in person, and also live streaming to a digital audience. Craig demonstrates how a presenter can mix multiple cameras and presentation media, as well as a whiteboard, into a smooth presentation. 


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