Tablet Prompter MARK II
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Tablet Prompter MARK II


Teleprónter de tableta fácil de usar

Why struggle with expensive re-takes, on stage talent drifting off script or a presenters’ loss of eye contact with the viewing audience? This Datavideo Prompter Kit is designed to help you overcome these problems by converting a tablet computer (not supplied) into a low cost and effective prompter.

The Datavideo Prompter Kit, TP-300 MARK II, can be used in either a theatre setting, or a video studio. 

Teleprompting profesional sin complicaciones

Hardware built to withstand the demanding conditions of professional shoots and software with high end features, our teleprompters are designed to be simple and straight forward to operate by the talent or remote operator.

simple and straight forward to prepare scripts or cue sheets
Adecuado para tabletas de hasta 11,6''

Adecuado para tabletas de hasta 11,6''

El TP-300 se ha diseñado para convertir una pequeña tableta en un teleprónter efectivo y de bajo coste. Este teleprónter aloja cualquier tableta con un ancho mínimo de 110 mm y máximo de 210 mm medidos en posición vertical. Las opciones recomendadas son un iPad estándar de 10'' o una tableta Android similar.

 High Visibility


Easy Set Up


Versatile Applications


Small & Medium-Sized Camcorders


Remote Control


Pro App Support

High-Quality Beam Splitter

The TP-300 Teleprompter adopts a high-quality 60/40 beam splitter.

60/40 beam splitter" refers to 60% of the light passes through the beam splitter, allowing the camera to capture the subject; 40% of the incident light is reflected towards the talent or speaker who is reading the teleprompter.

The 60/40 ratio strikes an optimal balance, allowing the reflected text from the teleprompter to be vivid and readable, while also allowing the camera to capture high-quality, well-exposed footage.

Normal Tripod Setup

Place a sheet of beam splitter glass at a 45-degree angle in front of the camera lens. Secure the tablet  below the camera lens, ensuring that the text on the screen reflects onto the beam splitter glass and appears in the camera's line of sight.


Below Lens Setup

There is an alternatives method to set up the TP-300 MARK II without using the traditional beam splitter glass. 
User can have a tablet or a talent monitor directly face toward the on talent. So the speaker can read the scrolling text on the tablet or screen while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

Datavideo TP-300 MARK II is generally smaller and lighter than professional studio teleprompters, making it more manageable for transportation. TP-300 MARK II comes with a carrying case for convenient transportation. The teleprompter is often designed to be compatible with standard tripods, further enhancing its portability for on-location shoots.


Portable and Suitable for Various Applications


The TP-300 MARK II Teleprompter is suitable for various applications. Its adaptable design makes it an ideal choice for various uses. Typical applications include Professional Video Production, Speech Delivery, Interviews, Educational Videos, Live Broadcasting, Online Content Creation and more.

Whether you are producing professional video content, delivering speeches, or conducting interviews, the TP-300 MARK II Teleprompter excels in providing clear and readable prompts for seamless and confident presentations. 

Optional Bluetooth and wired remote control

The WR-500 can be used to control our powerful dvPrompter Plus app in Wired or Bluetooth modes. The controller allows you to pause and resume the scroll, increase and decrease speed, increase and decrease font size, jump to specific points within the script (break markers) and switch between scripts in the playlist.

Mando a distancia opcional por bluetooth o conexión por cable
dv Prompter Plus es una aplicación de scripting de teleprónter con todas las funciones adecuada para dispositivos Apple y Android.

dv Prompter Plus is a powerful teleprompter scripting application suitable for Apple and Android devices.

dvPrompter Plus : Flexible control options

dvPrompter Plus supports direct talent led control via our WR-500 Wired/Bluetooth remote control or remote control via IP using any web browser.
Both options allow you to pause and resume the scroll, increase and decrease speed, increase and decrease font size, jump to specific points within the script (break markers) and switch between scripts in the playlist. Optionally you can connect the Contour Shuttle Xpress to the IP connected computer for even more subtle control.

dvPrompter Plus: monitoreo a distancia a través de WiFi o Ethernet

Controle y monitoree el indicador a través de una red local mediante cualquier dispositivo con un navegador web moderno.

Download dvPrompter Plus App

dv Prompter Plus: potente editor de texto enriquecido

Puede cambiar a distancia el tamaño, el tipo, el color y la justificación de la fuente en función del libreto e incluso usar varias fuentes diferentes dentro de un solo libreto. El editor también tiene soporte para incrustar imágenes y crear listas de reproducción a partir de múltiples libretos.


dv Prompter Plus: sincronice varias tabletas a través de IP*

Conecte varios teleprónters juntos mediante nuestra sincronización IP única a través de Ethernet o de WiFi. 

 *Se requiere realizar la compra dentro de la aplicación para el control del navegador web y la sincronización de IP

Admite diapositivas de PowerPoint y Keynote*

Ahora, además de libretos de texto, puede importar las diapositivas de sus presentaciones de Powerpoint o Keynote a través de la interfaz web; las diapositivas pueden gestionarse mediante el control de hardware WR-500 o la interfaz de control remoto basada en la web. dvPrompter Plus permite cambiar sin problemas entre los libretos de texto y las diapositivas, e incluso puede añadir diapositivas y libretos a una lista de reproducción. 


dvPrompter Plus admite la duplicación de diapositivas en tiempo real, de modo que el contenido se ve de forma correcta incluso cuando se ve a través del cristal de espejo.

Edición en tiempo real

Edición en tiempo real*

Para interrumpir las transmisiones en directo con noticias de última hora o actualizaciones urgentes, basta con modificar el guion a través de la interfaz web y ver cómo se actualiza en tiempo real.

Finding the Perfect Datavideo Teleprompter: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Datavideo offers a versatile range of teleprompters tailored to meet diverse needs across various scenarios. With choices that range from different screen sizes to mounting options and compatibility features, Datavideo ensures users have the flexibility to integrate their teleprompters seamlessly into their workflows.

Whether you're a broadcaster, presenter, or content creator, Datavideo's teleprompters help users deliver their messages confidently, precisely, and professionally in any setting.


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Tablet Prompter MARK II

Número de modelo
Device Used
Apple iPads
Android Tablets
Camera-Mount Interface
Prompter Frame
Smartphone / Tablet Size
Min. Tablet Width: 110mm*
Max. Tablet Width: 210mm*

Multi-language Support
Chinese (Simplified)
Hood Dimension / Prompter Size
Width: 250mm
Height: 210mm
Depth: 447mm
LCD Native Resolution
LCD Brightness
Remote Control
*Optional WR-500 wired/wireless hardware remote
*Optional in-app purchase for monitoring and control via LAN
1.9 Kg
Operating Temp. Range
0~40 °C
Carry Case Dimensions (excluding handle)
What's in the Box
1 x Prompter Frame
2 x Hex Tools to tighten Frame screws
1 x Metal 3/8" to 1/4" adaptor screw for tripod plate
1 x Mounting Bracket Screw
1 x Expandable mounting bracket for tablet
1 x Glass Frame with matching Velcro straps
2 x Wing nut screws ¼” for securing the Glass Frame
1 x Cloth Snood/Hood including side curtains and Velcro straps
1 x 60/40 Mirror Glass with Green and Red sticker
1 x Snood/Hood support wire
2 x Camera Riser Blocks 15mm thick
2 x 3mm Hex Block Screw long
2 x 2.5mm Hex Block Screw short
1 x Camera Screw Long
1 x Camera Screw Short (with 2 washers and nut)
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Ball Head
1 x ¼ Extension Pole
1 x 7.5mm ¼ screw
1 x 14mm ¼ screw to attach item R