4K CS Mount POV NDI Camera
USD $1,019.00
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4K CS Mount POV NDI Camera

USD $1,019.00

BC-15CN: Compact 4K Sensor Camera with NDI Connectivity

The small box design of the BC-15CN makes it incredibly flexible for mounting anywhere. Despite its compact size, this device does not compromise on quality. Equipped with a 1/2.3” 4K CMOS sensor, it captures high-quality images, showcasing incredible details of the subject. Additionally, it supports NDI connection, enhancing its versatility for seamless video streaming and integration into various network-based workflows.

Interchangeable CS Mount Lenses

User can install a CS Mount camera lens to the BC-15CN, or use a C Mount camera lens with the bundled 5mm CS-C camera lens adapter ring.  User can have a wide range of visual expression by using different lenses for the BC-15CN.  

* The lens is NOT included with the BC-15CN package.


Sensor CMOS de 1/2.3" con salida 4K 50/60p

Equipped with a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor, the BC-15CN delivers stunning 4K 50/60p output, ideal for eSports and versatile in various settings. The specialized eSports lens captures dynamic scenes with clarity, while the standard lens adapts to a wide range of applications.

Eleve su contenido con transmisión 4K fluida.

During video production, you can stream your program to different platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. If using Datavideo dvCloud, you can even stream your program to 25 different platforms at the same time while backing up your program on the cloud server.

Low-Latency SRT Streaming Engine Allowing Online Switching to dvCloud with Nearly Zero Latency

Many viewers may have encountered streaming issues, such as video stuttering or frame loss, often attributable to fluctuating bandwidth and network instability. dvCloud incorporates the SRT protocol, effectively reducing frame loss even when your network is unstable. If you are still encountering problems with RTMP streaming, dvCloud stands out as the optimal solution for a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience.


Built-in Tally Light

Built-in tally lights make it easier for the talent to know which camera is live during a multi-camera live production. 

Physical Buttons Make Camera Setup Very Easy

When the camera is set up, there is no need to use an additional remote controller. The physical buttons on the rear panel of the BC-15CN make it very easy to adjust settings.


Alimentación a través de Ethernet

The BC-15CN supports PoE for easy installation. No need to find local power outlets or hire an electrician to install outlets wherever you want to mount your camera. Simply run a single CAT 6 cable to power your BC-15CN.

Built-in DC-IRIS Function

Most off-the-shelf C/CS lenses are manual aperture lenses but some adopt DC-IRIS technique which is thus also included in the BC-15CN, making lens selection hassle-free.


Orificio para tornillo de 1/4" para montaje

Cambiar el ángulo de la cámara es fácil gracias a los tres orificios para tornillos de 1/4" con los que cuenta la BC-15. Le da la flexibilidad de montarla en cualquier lugar.


CS Mount Camera Lens Group

Customize the lens according to different application environments to achieve flawless video capture.

The table below shows the BC-15CN compatible camera lenses available on the market.


Aplicación Datavideo BC View Assist

BC View Assist App is the ultimate companion for BC-15 devices, simplifying control and enhancing streaming. Automatically detecting connected devices, it enables effortless DVIP management.

With support for major video coding standards and innovative streaming protocols, it delivers precision. Accessible directly from mobile, it redefines convenience in configuring remote settings, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.


Eleve su transmisión, simplifique su configuración: donde la conectividad y el control convergen.



La APP escaneará de forma automática la red en busca de dispositivos DVIP conectados. Todos los dispositivos BC-15 detectados aparecerán en una lista para su selección.



Fácil acceso a los ajustes de los parámetros, como el obturador, el iris, el balance de blancos y el aumento.



El usuario puede acceder a la BC-15 directamente desde la APP móvil para configurar los ajustes. La configuración DHCP predeterminada hace que el dispositivo sea de uso inmediato. La IP estática se activará si el router no es compatible con DHCP. Ingrese la dirección IP de forma manual.



The BC-15 App streamlines the process of setting up your camera for streaming. With easy-to-use streaming settings, you can quickly connect your camera to your preferred streaming platform and share your content with others.

Configuración de video en vivo en el celular

Puede ajustar la configuración de vídeo en el teléfono móvil y previsualizar el vídeo mientras realiza cambios en la configuración. También puede monitorizar configuraciones importantes de la cámara, como la resolución de salida HDMI, el nombre de la cámara y el estado del flujo.


Descarga ahora la app BC View Assist

Bienvenido a la app BC View Assist, tu herramienta esencial para un control sin esfuerzo y un streaming mejorado con dispositivos BC-15. ¡Descarga ahora para experimentar la máxima comodidad y un streaming sin interrupciones, justo en la punta de tus dedos!

Datavideo's Comprehensive NDI Lineup

Experience a seamless live production future with Datavideo's exceptional NDI products. NDI technology enables effortless connectivity over Ethernet. Explore the magic of our NDI cameras - delivering brilliant 4K video and dynamic Auto Tracking with ease. The iCAST 10NDI switcher revolutionizes integration and control. Datavideo's NDI lineup brings the power of effortless connectivity to live production.

Videos tutoriales creados específicamente para el BC-15

Datavideo Academy es una plataforma de aprendizaje integral creada por Datavideo Technology. Al ser un fabricante profesional de equipos de Broadcast y AV, Datavideo Technology no solo se compromete a proporcionar productos de calidad a los usuarios, sino que también tiene la responsabilidad de facilitar a los usuarios el aprendizaje del manejo de los productos Datavideo.

Con la plataforma de Datavideo Academy, los usuarios pueden dominar fácilmente el funcionamiento de los productos de Datavideo y experimentar el diseño único de los mismos, además de crear una variedad de aplicaciones y brindar una buena experiencia al usuario. Ahora, un video tutorial para el BC-15 está disponible en Datavideo Academy para ayudarle a conseguir el mejor rendimiento del producto. Haga clic en el siguiente enlace.


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4K CS Mount POV NDI Camera

Número de modelo
Video format/Resolution
2160p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
Image Sensor
1/2.3" CMOS
Effective Pixels (approx.)
12.3Mega Pixels
S/N Ratio
50 dB
Min. Illumination
0.5Lux (F1.0, AGC ON)
*depend on Lens
Electronic Shutter
1/25(1/30), 1/50(1/60), 1/75(1/90), 1/100(1/120), 1/125(1/150), 1/150(1/180), 1/200(1/210), 1/500(1/600), 1/1000(1/1200), 1/2000(1/2400), 1/4000(1/4800), 1/8000(1/9000) sec
Zoom Ratio
2x Digital Zoom
Optical zoom depend on Lens
Gamma Control
Standard / Mode1 / Mode2 / Mode3
Iris Control
DC IRIS supported
*depend on Lens
Digital Noise Reductions
On-Screen Display (OSD)
English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
White Balance
Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, OnePush, Color Temp., R/B Gain, Lock
AGC / Gain Control
Auto(AGC) / Manual / Lock
(Follow Exposure Mode)
Mirror / Flip Image
Focus Mode
Full Manual
Panning / Tilting Range
Panning / Tilting Speed
Focal Length
Depend on Lens
Field of View (Horizontal, Wide)
Depend on Lens
Image Compensation
Video Output
HDMI 2.0 x1
Audio Input
3.5mm Line in/Mic in (Stereo)
Tally LED
Dual color (Red, Green)
Lens Filter
IR cut built-in
Control Protocol
Remote Control Interface
RJ-45: for IP control (DVIP)
Video Compression Format
H.265, H.264
Audio Compression Format
Audio Bitrate
HD IP Interface
Streaming Protocols
First Stream Supported Resolution
Second Stream Supported Resolution
Video Bitrate
1Mbps ~ 7Mbps
Video Bitrate Mode
Encoding Frame rate
50Hz: 1-50fps
60Hz: 1-60fps
IEEE 802.3af
F/W Update
IR Control
Camera Control Unit
RMC-300 series/BC View Assist APP
Tripod Mount
1/4-20 UNC
Optional Accessories
Dimension (LxWxH)
77mm (L) x 82mm (W) x 78mm (H)
204g (Lens not included)
Operating Temp. Range
0~40 °C
DC 12V 9W
What's in the Box
1 x BC-15CN Main Unit
1 x CS-C Lens adaptor ring
1 x DC 12V power adaptor