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The Innovative and Productive Education Solution Datavideo VGB-4000 4K Pro Presentation System

The Innovative and Productive Education Solution Datavideo VGB-4000 4K Pro Presentation System

Jul 30 2021



"Online education" breaks the framework of traditional school education. During the pandemic, online courses have become the most important  education resource. The brand new Datavideo online course production system, VGB-4000 4K Pro Presentation System, integrates electronic board and virtual studio systems.  

The VGB-4000 features the cutting edge 4K video recording function. Additionally, the system can produce different styles of online courses by applying various virtual backgrounds and AR objects, allowing the lecturer to live stream and record video simultaneously without having to do any post-production. The VGB-4000 is a system designed for producing online courses in a high-quality, innovative and productive way.

The features of the Datavideo VGB-4000 4K Pro Presentation System are as follow.

Simple Production by a Single Operator

The system is specially designed for the simple production of online courses. The functions of chromakeying, recording, audio delay, and live streaming are well integrated into the system. The lecturers can easily shoot, record, and live stream high-quality and professional videos by themself without changing their presentation habits.

The system equipped with the FS-220 footswitch, allowing lecturer to start and stop recording with a tap of your foot without walking back and forth to start or stop recording during production. A reference light underneath the camera shows the status of the recording.

 Live Stream and Record Simultaneously  

The VGB-4000 system with the H.264 video streaming service allows you to live-stream the course scene to the web platform in RTMPS or RTSP mode or transfer it to a school or corporate training. Moreover, it provides the backup video recording function to record the video in MP4 format by inserting an SD card. Lectures can keep the recorded backup video by themselves. There is no need for post-production, which improves the efficiency of production to produce teaching videos.

4:4:4 Broadcast-Level Chromakeying

The VGB-4000 system applies the broadcast-level DVK-400 for chromakeying. The DVK-400 supports resolutions up to 2160p60 with a 4:4:4 10-bit image processor, providing a professional real-time chromakey effect. The chromakey parameters such as brightness, contrasts, color, and saturation are available to adjust by the user. With the careful adjustment, the lecturer's image can perfectly combine with the background, just like in the actual scene.

4K Video Recording

The system adopts HDR-90 ProRes 4K Video Recorder to record course videos. The recorder supports UHD 4K recording and is compressed in 10-Bit 4:2:2 ProRes. The built-in 5-inch touch screen allows user to easily configure parameters and view the live video. The HDR-90 is not just for a single-camera setup, and the recorder can record up to four 1080p60 streams simultaneously to separate ProRes files. All files are synced with the same time code, making it easy for tracking during post-production.

Virtual Sets and AR Objects 

The system includes multiple sets of free virtual backgrounds. The lecturer can choose their favorable virtual sets for the backgrounds. They can also apply the images and animations from the laptop as backgrounds to create different teaching situations. 

In addition, the TPC-700 allows the lecturers to control their video production with the touch screen easily. The lecturers can use TPC-700P to control AR objects to apply AR Object Off, Shallow Depth of Field, AUX Layer Swap Front, AUX Layer Swap Back.

Look Back Kit Makes Presentation Much Easier

To make the presentation much easier, this system uses the Look Back Kit for monitoring and teleprompter. The mirror display ensures the lecturer is always in the proper position. At the same time, the teleprompter design helps the lecturer read the manuscript by looking at the camera, which is installed behind the mirror directly.

The brand new VGB-4000 4K Pro Presentation System is now available worldwide. For more information, please contact your local distributors or visit 


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