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Datavideo VGB-2000 Pro Presentation System The Master of Producing Lecture Video

Datavideo VGB-2000 Pro Presentation System The Master of Producing Lecture Video

Mar 16 2020

Datavideo introduces a brand new professional presentation solution called VGB-2000. This solution is the successor of the highly acclaimed VGB-1000 that the Taiwanese company introduced several years ago. Like its predecessor, VGB-2000 is a clever combination of Datavideo products that works as a professional presentation tool to create digital lecture content. The system combines a chroma keyer, switcher, audio delay line, look back monitor, recorder and streaming encoder into a single unit that is very easy to set up and use.

Creating high-quality digital lecture content requires multiple steps and has a couple of pitfalls. When you present your content on a display that you film, you will get reflections and invisible content on your camera. This is because a display is not meant to be filmed. Recording the teacher first and superimposing him or her in post-processing is time-consuming and difficult for the teacher to achieve. These two pitfalls are easily negated by using the VGB-2000 solution to create your lecture content.

VGB-2000 is meant to be used in locations where the talent can stand in front of a green screen. The presentation is being projected on the green screen, but from the back using a short throw projector. The talent can see his or her presentation very faintly projected through the green material. On the video screen, the presentation is projected over the green material, creating a crystal clear combination of virtual and real video. By using the touch screen panel the presenter can switch between a full-screen presentation, a shot inside a virtual set or a closeup. A virtual pen can be used to create annotations directly on the presentation. The lecture can be watched live using the built-in streaming encoder or on-demand when recorded on the built-in recorder.

VGB-2000 consists of multiple Datavideo hardware parts. A Datavideo SE-1200MU video switcher with chroma keyer to separate the teacher from the green background in broadcast quality is the beating heart of this solution. A TPC-700 7” touch panel controller switches the user between the different presenting modes. AD-100M embeds audio from the microphone on the video signal and ensures AV synchronization (“lip-sync”). The LBK-1 lookback kit gives the teacher a clear reference by showing his or her presentation directly in front of the camera on a see-through mirror. This way the teacher will always look directly into the camera. Streaming and recording is done by the Datavideo NVS-33 streaming encoder and stable power to all hardware are achieved by the PD-2A power distributor.


The best-suited camera for VGB-2000 is Datavideo’s BC-100. This block camera module with a micro 4/3” sensor delivers stunning image quality. The 12-bit sensor is exceptionally suited for use in chromakey setups. With live high dynamic range (HDR) capturing, 3D noise cancellation and image 1080p this camera will deliver you the best results possible.

“VGB-2000 is a total solution for creating professional lecture videos without unnecessary post-production. The system substantially improves the quality and efficiency of your video production.” Mr Jack Lin, the CEO of Datavideo said. “Ease of use has been a spearhead of this solution. With a touch screen and clear icons anybody can use this without extensive training.”



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