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Datavideo’s Professional Broadcast System Bringing Sports Games Live to You

Datavideo’s Professional Broadcast System Bringing Sports Games Live to You

Jan 10 2020

The 2019 National Games in Taoyuan, was the most important annual sport event in Taiwan. There were thousands of athletes from around the country participating in a variety of competitions, and the competitions were taken place at more than 10 venues.

To allow more audiences to enjoy watching the brilliant games, the Official has invited several media to broadcast the National Games. Datavideo, a leading brand in the broadcast equipment industry, provides many solutions for making live video production. At the venues of taekwondo, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting, fencing, and various ball games, Datavideo products are widely adopted by many video producers.

“It is quite challenging to perform EFP workflow in such large-scale event,” said Mr. Kuo, the General Manager of the Asia Radio. “ The traditional wired video transmission would make workflow installation very complex and limit cameraman’s mobility. Thus, our cameramen use the wireless device to transmit the video signal to the switcher.”

Many video producers used Datavideo HS-3200, the 12CH MobileCast, as the top choice to be the workstation. The Datavideo HS-3200 has a total of 12 SDI and HDMI inputs, which can support the needs of producing a large event. “We deploy several cameramen to capture images from different angles”. “Additionally, we also apply subtitles and logos to sports videos. The switcher equipped with more input and output ports is helpful to us,” said Mr. Kuo. The HS-3200 provides a completely portable solution that integrates video switching, monitoring, streaming and recording in a single case. The all-in-one switcher improves the portability of the production device, and it is much easier and time-saving to install the production workflow. This is why Datavideo MobileCast series has been so popular among video producers.

To replay instant moments of the game, you will need the Datavideo HDR-10 Instant Replay and its controller, the RMC-400. These two devices are designed specifically for adding instant replay during the sports game video production. Not only is the HDR-10 Instant Replay capable of capturing a highlight of the video instantly, but the HDR-10 also allows the audience to review the play of the game in slow motion. Additionally, even the experienced referee will sometimes need the slow-motion replay to help them make the right judgment when the play is very close. Coaches and athletes can benefit from reviewing the slow-motion video of the game to improve their strategy for future games as well as the athletes’ performance.

Since videos have become the most important material for media communication, it is thus very important to include a backup recording device in the workflow. The Datavideo HRS-30 Hand Carry Recorder System supports the NTFS file system and records video in MXF-OP1 or MOV file format.

The recorder supports 8-9 hrs of 50 Mbps video recording with a 256G hard disk. The recording time is almost long enough for a whole day production. Not only can the video producer make use of the HRS-30 to record the sports video, but they can also record videos with the HS-3200 MobileCast’s built-in recorder simultaneously. With the backup recording by HS-3200 MobileCast, the producer doesn’t have to worry about missing any important production files.


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