Virtual Selling



Video has risen to be a plus have for online selling to increase customer interest, engage with customer remotely and to make information more accessible to customers. And now we live in a world where sales professionals have had to adaptor to a new reality of virtual selling. Even when COVID is just a bad memory, selling won’t go back to the way it was before. Customer have changed. They want to buy online and interact remotely when making buying decision. Does your virtual selling works in your intended manner?


Key Features


Embrace the new norm: Opportunities do not happen, you create them!

With everything you need under one Mobile Cast, you will benefit from flexible, efficient and consistent video production and a lot less hassle, perform your online selling process with a professional video production effect like TV station do and start live streaming to broadcast your stream audience throughout social media. Opportunities do not happen, you create them!

YTB-1300 Solution Kit

Create high quality content and stream it over the internet with YTB-1300. Solution kit includes a 6-CH Portable Full HD Audio/Video Mobile Cast HS-1300 (up to 1080i), the Stunning Full HD resolution Camera PTC-140 (up to 1080p) that can be controlled from a tablet with PTZ VIEW ASSIST APP, the USB Recorder HDR-1 for instant recording the footage on a USB drive and a Capture Box CAP-2 for video conferencing such as Google meet, Zoom, MS team or Social Media platforms without haste.