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Taipei International Convention Center Builds the iStudio with Datavideo 4K Broadcasting Facilities

Jul 20 2022

Taipei International Convention Center is located in the busiest district of Taipei City. The Convention Center has several conference rooms and first-class hardware. The Convention Center is the premier professional venue for conferences and large-scale events in Taiwan, which supports nearly 700 international conferences, product launches, and seminars every year. 

Many international business conferences, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and live events have been suspended during the pandemic in the past two years. Therefore, corporations use pre-recorded and live-streamed videos for event promotion and press announcements. Taipei International Convention Center realized that the demand for virtual exhibitions and video content production is enormous, so the Convention Center came to the professional system integrator -"Laser Audio-Visual" to build the "103 Digital Studio" (TAITRA 103 iStudio). The studio specializes in producing online courses, product launches, interview programs, and corporate videos.

"103 Digital Studio" covers 135 square meters. The studio equips with a seven-meter-wide green screen, a large 4K TV screen, professional lighting, and a full range of pro-broadcast-grade 4K video solution from Datavideo, including two PTC-280 4K PTZ cameras, SHOWCAST 100 touchscreen switcher, and HDR-90 video recorder. The professional video producer can use different styles of virtual backgrounds depending on the users' requirements. The "103 Digital Studio" features real-time chromakeying, video recording, live streaming video, and video conferencing, providing users a one-stop rental service for video production and digital events.  

In addition, the studio also installs an ITC-100 intercom system and a TP-650 Large Screen Prompter Kit for ENG cameras. The intercom system is a communication device between the director, camera crew, lighting engineer, and control room. Good communication is vital in any production studio. The teleprompter is designed for anchors and conference speakers. It saves the speakers from the pressure of memorizing the script, allowing speakers to concentrate on the speech performance and keep eye contact with the camera.

Taipei International Convention Center has changed its business model from conference space rental to a professional conference service provider. The Convention Center has received numerous corporate customers' rental requests by providing higher value-added services. For example, the "103 Digital Studio" has provided more than 100 event rental services in the past year. The high rental turnover rate proves that producing video content is the new marketing trend and reveals the importance of adopting digital technology for the exhibition industry.


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