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The Professional Sound Delay Box Datavideo AD-300 is Available |Datavideo

The Professional Sound Delay Box Datavideo AD-300 is Available

Dec 08 2021

Datavideo is proud to introduce the new AD-300 professional audio delay box, which can meet live production's multiple audio processing needs with one machine. The AD-300 has a comprehensive 5-channel input and 2-channel output and can perform audio delay, mixing, equalizer, effect, and filtering on the input audio sources. The audio delay range is up to 3000 ms, and each input can be adjusted individually to achieve professional-grade sound and video precision synchronization. The equalizer is divided into eight frequency ranges from 125Hz to 16K Hz, each adjustable by ± 10 dB, to create the audio effects you want.        

On the 2" LCD screen OSD on the front of the AD-300, you can operate the full range of audio processing functions (Effect), including Compressor/Limiter to adjust the rise and fall of the track and can achieve a 100:1 compression ratio (Ratio). The Expander/Gate allows for more distinct volume changes for either instrumental music or vocals, and the maximum selectable ratio is also 100:1. The AD-300 has built-in balanced or unbalanced audio conversion to ensure that the audio output matches the desired format. The AD-300 also has a switch button for switching between microphone input and Line input and supports XLR microphone input with +48V phantom power. This robust set of features is designed in a compact body ideal for stand-alone use or integration into your rack-mount workstation.

And if you're looking for a simple portable audio delay box, the Datavideo AD-10 will fit your needs (for more information on the AD-10, click on the link


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