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Datavideo SE-700 HD 4-Channel Switcher Used in Campus and Control Room

Jan 12 2016

With the development of technology and the explosion of information, modern individuals spend increasingly more time navigating the vast sea of the internet in pursuit of self-improvement. This trend is also evident on campuses, where the internet broadcasts curriculum, educational platforms, and campus videos powerfully. So-called "campus television stations" that produce extensive content exist to generate these content materials.

While campus television stations have existed for decades, the intense and rapid production of a large content volume within a short period has become a recent trend. How can this be achieved with the right tools to maximize efficiency? The Datavideo SE-700 HD 4-Channel Switcher is an excellent choice. In addition to creative imagination, the correct and swift execution of production is crucial for campus television. Due to the limited equipment availability and the need for numerous students to access them, time pressure becomes a special consideration. Fortunately, the user-friendly features of the SE-700 allow for quick mastery without the need for extensive exploration.

Commonly produced types of campus programs include student news, faculty and student interviews, sports events, campus dramas, etc. The SE-700's convenient and rapid USER settings can store configurations needed for different program types in 12 sets of USER presets. Press the corresponding USER key to quickly access the settings, such as effect configurations, input/output configurations, static image positions, etc. There is no need to worry this way, even with multiple program settings. For news-type program production, adding another set of inputs, such as a laptop or a player, allows the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function to incorporate discussion content into the scene. Additionally, the simple DSK (Downstream Key) function can be used to quickly add on-screen elements like logos, making the visuals more dynamic and focused, enabling the production of ideal campus television programs in a short time.

When students graduate and enter the workforce, if they are fortunate enough to continue their exploration in the field of broadcasting, they may encounter familiar equipment in various television stations and broadcasting companies. Yes! In addition to schools, the SE-700 HD 4-Channel Switcher is equally suitable for "professional television program production," such as news, weather reports, interviews, sports event broadcasting, etc. At this point, I must introduce our professional Chromakey feature. You read it right; the SE-700 has a built-in professional-grade Chromakey feature, effortlessly meeting your professional background removal needs.

Typically, using other manufacturers' professional background removal devices often involves a battle with numerous settings. However, when facing the SE-700, you only need to calmly select Chroma in the Keyer options and choose CK Auto in the CK Setup below. A professional background removal result will appear before you in just a moment. A little fine-tuning may be needed when lighting or blue/green screen conditions are not optimal. Still, overall, the effect is commendable. Therefore, you can bid farewell to the tedious settings, as seeing is believing, and that's the way to go.

If you also need professional CG (Computer Graphics) subtitle effects, you can easily pair the Datavideo CG-250 HD/SD subtitle software and TC-200 HD/SD subtitle machine. Design and arrange the exquisite CG subtitles you need using the CG-250 software installed on a laptop, then connect via HDMI to output the CG subtitles to the TC-200. It converts into SDI's separate track signal into the SE-700, allowing you to use the DSK downstream key function to broadcast the CG subtitles you created. Everything is so simple and convenient, even for professional needs.

After a brief explanation, the SE-700 HD 4-Channel Switcher is suitable for all usage scenarios, spanning both professional and non-professional fields, allowing for free and flexible use. It incorporates the essence of Datavideo's thirty years of experience, making it a simple yet not simple product. The finer details await your careful appreciation!